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Kimi Raikkonen denies Adrian Sutil a points finish

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What do you do when you are unable to overtake Force India F1 in a Ferrari, well ofcourse hit it so hard that the other person is forced to retire. This is what seems to have happened at the Monaco Grand Prix. While many argue that what happened was an accident, and indeed even if it was it doesnt change the fact that it was an accident caused due to a driver error by Kimi Raikkonen and kicked out Force India formula one team and Adrian Sutil from a potential point winning position.

Kimi Raikkonen later did apologise though,

I said I am sorry for him and his team because probably they are not going to be often in the position to score a fourth position. Plus it was in Monaco.

“So it was harder for him than for me, but it was a racing incident and I could not go anywhere. There wasn’t much space and I could not slow down.

“It was just a racing incident. I just locked the rear brakes on the bump and you cannot really slow the car after that. There was nowhere to go, and not enough space to try and avoid him.

“Basically I just think my brakes were a bit too cold and I locked the rear. I nearly lost the car but unfortunately I hit him, and it is sad for them.

“So, I feel sorry for him, but I could not do anything. I tried to slow down but there was nowhere to go and nowhere to slow down, and I lost fifth place.”

Adrian Sutil took positives out of the race:

I am just disappointed. It is hurting so much. We did a great race and we made no mistakes. We did a perfect strategy, everything went well. We did fastest laptimes during the race, and the performance was great for this car. For Force India this was an absolute highlight over the past few years.


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May 29th, 2008 at 6:50 am

Force India formula one launches new livery reveals new sponsors


We have got great new photos of the Force India formula one team like always and here they are, note that Indian biggies like Reliance and ICICI are sponsoring the Force India formula one team. A wise choice for these institutions. What was disappointing was that instead of giving formula one fans a chance to see the unveiling live at the Gateway of India, actresses were called for the launch. I am sure most of them will think that Michael Schumacher was a shoe-maker.

The launch ceremony. Force India F1 Team Launch, Mumbai, India, Thursday 7 February 2008.

The launch ceremony. Force India F1 Team Launch, Mumbai, India, Thursday 7 February 2008.

The launch ceremony. Force India F1 Team Launch, Mumbai, India, Thursday 7 February 2008.

The launch ceremony. Force India F1 Team Launch, Mumbai, India, Thursday 7 February 2008.

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February 7th, 2008 at 5:55 pm

Force India F1 driver announcement video


The Force India formula one driver announcement: Adrian Sutil, Giancarlo Fisichella and Vitantonio Liuzzi. Interesting to note that Adrian Sutil’s video has a mention of defeating Lewis Hamilton. Vijay Mallya greets the drivers. Announcer : Shruti Seth (i think)

P.S. The video quality is a little bad.

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January 12th, 2008 at 8:13 am

Force India F1 starts advertising on Indian Television Screens


As reported by us earlier, Indian superstar Shahrukh Khan is promoting the Force India formula one team. The ad is obviously aimed at Indian corporate houses too for obvious reasons($$$).

Take a look at the commercial ::

Its not about winning or losing
Its about Glory and Pride
Sometimes you do things only because you believe in them
Believe with me, I want to compete with the Best in the World
I want the World to know that India has arrived
I want the world to feel the force of a billion dreams
Join the FORCE !!!

Also Kingfisher Airlines has broken its sponsorship deal with Toyota Motors with a mutual understanding !

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January 3rd, 2008 at 2:54 pm

Force India F1 to unleash marketing Blitzkreig

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Vitantonio Liuzzi (ITA) Force India F1, Barcelona F1 Test, 13-15th, November, 2007

If newspaper reports are to be believed, Force India formula one team is all set to unleash aggressive marketing in India to lure new sponsors and to cement ties with old ones. The essence of the campaign shall be that the Force India formula one team is the voice of a billion Indians and its got a billion people behind it.

Its been reported that Indian superstar Shahrukh Khan will be the face of the marketing campaign. For those who dont know, he is like the Brad Pitt of India who gets paid crores for dancing/speaking and even for standing at functions and ceremonies. Vikram Malhotra, Marketing Head of the Force India F1 team was quoted as saying :

“While exploring the various options we possessed , we thought the fastest way to announce our arrival in the country(India) was to use Mr. Shahrukh Khan as Force India F1’s brand ambassador. He is famous, successful and a potent icon of young India. Those are the same values that the team is trying to project on the biggest stage of motorsports(formula one). The advertising campaign will convey the message that India has arrived”

Till now the team was receiving a lot of criticism from Indian formula one fans that it has been ignoring the Indians while promoting itself in the international media. Hopefully this will change things.

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December 25th, 2007 at 11:02 am

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