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Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds leave the Renault F1 team

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Flavio Briatore Belgian Grand Prix 2009

In what will come as a big shocker to loyal Renault F1 fans, the team today made public a statement that Pat Symonds and Flavio Briatore have left the F1 outfit. Moreover they will not dispute the charges pit against them by the Piquets that Nelsinho Piquet was asked to crash his F1 car by Flavio Briatore at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix.

The ING Renault F1 Team will not dispute the recent allegations made by the FIA concerning the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix.

It also wishes to state that its managing director, Flavio Briatore and its executive director of engineering, Pat Symonds, have left the team.

Before attending the hearing before the FIA World Motor Sport Council in Paris on 21 September 2009, the team will not make any further comment.

In what comes as an apparent admission of guilt, the Renault formula one team are probably hoping for leniency from the WMSC.

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September 16th, 2009 at 4:11 pm

F1 heads to Monaco as fear over future looms

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Formula One’s survival is on the line. On one side are some of its biggest teams which bring millions to formula one and on the other side is Max Mosely who seems to be hell bent on implementing the proposed rule changes for the 2010 formula one season which introduce budgetary caps and a two tier teams system.

So now heading into Monaco which is one of the swankiest formula one grand prix, one wonders what next year would be like ? Would there be no Ferrari and Renault ? Its reported that 7 teams wont be filing by next week’s deadline.

So getting back to the GP, Brawn GP’s Jenson Button is on home turf (technically anyway). He would be poised to claim another win and win the season in record time. Lewis Hamilton is also hopeful of resurgence and is hoping that his McLaren would be able to perform. In an interview he was hopeful for a top 5 finish at this week’s event.

In other news Campos racing has applied for the constructor’s places in the 2010 formula one season. They are one of the first (the first?) teams to do so.

Anyway, this weekend is crucial for the survival and future of formula one. The gut feeling inside me says all will be solved though. Till then, Ciao !

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May 22nd, 2009 at 1:39 pm

Briatore calls Jenson Button a concrete roadside post

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Flavio Briatore is an emotional man, so when he came out against Brawn GP like the way he did it wasnt a surprise for most. According to Flavio Briatore, Brawn GP , Williams and Toyota (The diffuser teams) are ruining F1 by making sure that other teams arent able to catch up. Flavio Briatore had this outburst just on the even of the Chinese Grand Prix weekend.

“I don’t know how we can say we have credibility,” Briatore exclaimed.

“It is impossible to recover the ground we have lost on those teams. In three or four races the championship will be decided and I don’t know what the interest of the TV viewers will be when Button has 60 points and Nakajima has 50. It will be better to listen only on radio and watch something else.”

He said that the 2009 formula one season is dull and has been ruined by the likes of Brawn GP. He even attacked Jenson Button saying :

“The drivers in our teams have been and are world champions, while the championship is now fought between a driver who was almost retired and another one who is a good guy but a paracarro (A concrete milepost)”

He further slammed the FIA who have been proposing budget cuts for acting in a Hypocritical manner.

“Just when there’s talk of setting a budget cap to 30 million, we’ve spent 15m for KERS and 10m more for the diffusers. We’re left with five to travel and to pay the employees.”

Meanwhile, Jenson Button who had indeed been written off by anyone and everyone also had something to say about the issue.

“It hurts the credibility of Formula One. He also needs to remember that he tried to employ me for this year.”  Jenson Button said

“He’s obviously a very angry man after the diffuser issues, he’s obviously very disappointed that he hasn’t produced a car that’s as competitive as ours.

“We’ve produced a very competitive car because of the workforce we’ve got  and you can’t take that away from them.”

Lets see if the other teams join this unique war of words.

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April 18th, 2009 at 3:46 am

Brawn GP goes Last to First : Jenson Button claims pole position

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Timo Glock Toyota Rear Wing 2009 Australian Grand Prix

Toyota had their rear wings marked illegal by F1 Stewards due to too much flexibility

Who in their right minds would have bet their money on Brawn GP, a team which until a few weeks ago didnt exist, the erstwhile Honda team whose fate was uncertain after a disastrous season and on Jenson Button who has often been called just another British driver and has been thoroughly overshadowed by McLaren’s own Brit Lewis Hamilton.

Wee this Saturday at Melbourne was not the place to make informed guesses and preditctions, because things didnt go as expected. The McLarens and the Ferraris werent the forces to be reckoned with, but it was the Brawn GP car of Jenson Button which took the pole position. And as if that wasnt enough, forgotten Brazillian driver and Jenson Button’s teammate at Brawn GP Rubens Barrichello was 2nd and will accompany Button in the front row.

Sebastien Vettel was a cool third in his Red Bull Racing car. While Robert Kubica (whom i had considered a favorite) was only 4th fastest. The Ferraris of Felipe Massa and Raikkonen were 7th and 9th respectively. The McLarens were even more pathetic in 15th and 16th place with world champion Lewis Hamilton 16th.

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More India in formula one : Renault F1 seeks Indian sponsor


renault f1 fisichella

The French formula one outfit Renault F1 team is currently talking to an Indian sponsor. The current title sponsor ING is expected to pull out by the end of this season. ING is a financial institution and with the current situation, financial institutions are best kept out of sponsorship deals 😛

“Currently, talks are on with a major Indian multinational for sponsorship,” a senior official of Renault India was quoted as saying

So i wonder who this Indian multinational is.

I have a few guesses :

TATA : TCS is currently sponsoring the Ferrari formula one team, so it seems highly unlikely that they will make another high value sponsorship venture into formula one.

Reliance : One of India’s largest companies, Reliance can be looking to expand via this F1 sponsorship method. Which Reliance : Mukesh Amabani’s or Anil Ambani’s is yet to be seen.

JK Tyre/ MRF Tyres : Don’t know how strong they are financially, but are major sponsors in FIA rallies.

One of the Oil Majors : Indian Oil majors include Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum and IBP. But as these are PSUs, they are unlikely to be the companies mentioned.

Infosys : One of India’s best run companies, Infosys is a technology major. It may very well be the company mentioned here.

The company might be one of the above ones or might be a new one altogether. The only way to find out is to wait and watch.

Also on the cards is a road show by Renault in India. The last one was done at Rajpath , but Renault has revealed that they would be looking at a new location.

P.P.S.  Renault are looking forward to retain Fernando Alonso.

Image Credit : Martin Pettitt from Bury St Edmunds, UK under CCSA 2.0

Written by Formula One Addict

February 22nd, 2009 at 6:40 pm

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