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Mercedes GP confirm no ultimatum issued to Michael Schumacher

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With media reports flying all over the place about an ultimatum being issued to Michael Schumacher to improve his performance in 2011 or risk being terminated from employment, what’s funnier is that some of the biased journalists from British press calling the season by Schumacher as dismal totally ignoring the super important car factor. Just read a report from London on that.

Mercedes Benz motorsport boss Norbert Haug was quick to come to Schumacher’s defence and admitted that the car was certainly a bit part of the problem.

“Well, this is an interpretation of what was said, but of course there was no ultimatum.

“We are currently a little bit handicapped with our car but I have no complaints and no regrets that we’re going to achieve our target. We need to work hard.

“We are sticking together and Michael is, for me, as good as he ever was and probably even better. He’s relaxed, concentrated. He doesn’t need anybody to defend him, certainly not me but we are very happy with the job he’s doing.

“If you take into consideration that he was not in Formula One for three years, we are heading in the right direction and there is certainly not an ultimatum.”

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October 10th, 2010 at 6:51 pm

Will Michael Schumacher stay on for the 2011 formula 1 season


Michael Schumacher and Ross Brawn

Mercedes boss Ross Brawn confessed in Turkey that he would like to retain his all German pair of Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher for the 2011 season. Pre season speculation had suggested that Michael Schumacher had a three year deal with Mercedes.

However the initial bad performances by Michael Schumacher which saw the relatively inexperienced Nico Rosberg beating him were enough for critics to hint to an early exit for the seven time world champion at the end of the 2010 season. But the speculation about the early exit seems to be fizzling with more and more input coming about Schumacher staying back for the 2011 season atleast.

In Turkey, when asked about the future of his drivers and if they shall be retained, Ross Brawn was quoted :

“I hope so.

“Do you know something I don’t? We’re pleased with the drivers, they’re both enjoying themselves, so yes,”

Michael’s younger brother Ralf Schumacher too joined in on the rumour brigade and was separately quoted as saying :

“I think he’s pretty happy with what he’s doing and, as far as I know, it’s a three-year plan, so I’m sure we’ll see him around for a while”

Meanwhile Michael Schumacher  seems to be finally enjoying the comeback. The German had a small battle with Jenson Button in the Turkish Grand Prix, he spoke fondly about the encounter :

“We saw each other a couple of times this year,” said Michael Schumacher.

“This time he had clearly the better end of it. I was trying my best, but it wasn’t good enough this time. Anyway, as I understood, he had a nice fight with Lewis, so he must have been putting in some very good laps.

“Honestly, I was just trying to focus and do the maximum I could with my car. Forward, there was no chance, obviously. I was watching the mirrors and making sure that I keep the tires in shape so that whenever I had to have some reserves that they are available.” He added.

Now the F1 circus heads to Canada and the German has asked his team to improve the top line speed to ensure a better result. Lets hope Mercedes deliver and its a good result for Schumacher.

Image : Mercedes Media

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June 11th, 2010 at 8:17 am

FIA admits goof up in rule that punished Michael Schumacher , to update rule

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Michael Schumacher Monaco Pits

In what has come as a fresh impetus to peoples’ call for a Mercedes appeal against the FIA punishment, the FIA today acknowledged that the rule 40.13 used to punish Michael Schumacher for overtaking Fernando Alonso at the Monaco Grand Prix was ambiguous and open to multiple interpretations. In their words, problems showed a ‘lack of clarity’.

What is unclear is that why its own stewards and Damon Hill couldn’t see this obvious flaw and ended up penalising Michael Schumacher for no fault of his. Also, since the FIA admits the rule was unclear , something should be done about the Schumacher penalty but under another rule they cant do anything about it.

So basically, FIA goofed up folks and Schumacher gets the short end of the stick. The statement from the site with a spelling mistake corrected 😛

2010 FIA Formula One World Championship Monaco Grand Prix

The problems identified during the final lap of the Monaco Grand Prix, counting for the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship, showed a lack of clarity in the application of the rule prohibiting overtaking behind the Safety Car.

Adjustments to the regulations are necessary to clarify the procedure that cars must meet when the last lap is controlled by the Safety Car whilst also ensuring that the signalling for teams and drivers is made more clear.

These adjustments will help to avoid the problem which occurred during the Monaco Grand Prix from happening in the future.

The Formula One Commission, upon a proposal of the F1 Sporting Working Group will submit an amendment to the Sporting Regulations to address this issue. These amendments will be considered by the World Motor Sport Council at its next meeting in Geneva on June 23.

It seems Mercedes was right when it said that the FIA agreed the rule breakage if any was not their fault. Still doesn’t explain why they withdrew the appeal.

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May 20th, 2010 at 7:24 pm

Mercedes GP decides not to appeal Michael Schumacher’s penalty


Michael Schumacher MonacoIn what will come as a shock to most and what goes directly against whatever Mercedes GP and Ross Brawn have had to say about the incident so far, Mercedes GP team just announced that they will not be appealing the FIA decision to grant a 20 second penalty to Michael Schumacher for the incident on the final lap of the Monaco Grand Prix.

The move seems to be a late reaction to a realisation that they had a losing appeal which is quite contrary to popular opinion on the Internet and press. The press release in its full glory follows, sad day for Michael Schumacher and Mercedes and the sport of formula one. Maybe green flags would be redefined as stop racing.

The press release also addresses the charges of bias against Damon Hill, the team shares no such feelings.

Mercedes Press Release :

18 May 2010


On the final lap of the 2010 Monaco Grand Prix, MERCEDES GP PETRONAS instructed our drivers, Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg, to race from safety car line one until the finish line as permitted under articles 40.7 and 40.11.

MERCEDES GP PETRONAS were fully aware of article 40.13 which states that no overtaking is permitted if the race finishes under safety car conditions. However we believed that the combination of the race control messages ‘Safety Car in this lap’ and ‘Track Clear’ and the green flags and lights shown by the marshals after safety car line one  indicated that the race was not finishing under the safety car and all drivers were free to race.

This opinion appears to have been shared by the majority of the teams with cars in the top ten positions who also gave their drivers instructions to race to the finish line.

It was clear from our discussions with the stewards after the race that they understood the reasons for our interpretation and acknowledged that this was a new and previously untested situation but ultimately disagreed with our interpretation.

MERCEDES GP PETRONAS would like to emphasise that we fully support the inclusion of past drivers on the stewards panel and are completely satisfied that the Monaco Grand Prix stewards acted professionally, impartially and properly in this matter.

The FIA has agreed to include article 40.13 on the agenda of the next Sporting Working Group for discussion and to consider the scale of post race penalties. We believe that the 20 second penalty imposed on Michael to be disproportionate in the circumstances.

Whilst we cannot be happy with the outcome, we are pleased that the FIA has recognised the reasons for our interpretation. Therefore in the best interests of the sport, MERCEDES GP PETRONAS will not be submitting an appeal.

Image : Mercedes GP Media

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May 18th, 2010 at 6:20 pm

Stewards led by Damon Hill penalise Michael Schumacher, Mercedes to appeal



Michael Schumacher overtakes Alonso 2010 Monaco Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher might be the most successful driver on Monaco, but from this weekend he would be getting another tag of probably being the most unlucky/controversial driver at the Monaco circuit. Fresh on the heels of the controversy that the British media generated about the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix incident.

In the latest incident Michael Schumacher was punished with a 20 seconds penalty which threw him out of the points for illegally overtaking Fernando Alonso. The point of contention here is if he was allowed to overtake Alonso when the safety car went in. The article 40.13 states :

If the race ends whilst the safety car is deployed it will enter the pit lane at the end of the last lap and the cars will take the chequered flag as normal without overtaking.

But the article should not be valid here as the race monitors said Safety car in this lap.

The rules state if the race ends under the safety car period, the order will remain the same, however Michael Schumacher and Mercedes GP contend that since an all clear was given to race the overtaking move on Fernando Alonso was legal and legitimate.

FIA Stewards José Abed (FIA Vice President), Dr. Christian Calmes (a representative of the Automobile Club de Monaco), Paul Gutjahr  announced the verdict alongwith Damon Hill. The text was :


Fernando Alonso Monaco Race

The appeal went to the stewards where Michael Schumacher’s old foe Damon Hill was the driver’s representative. A large number of press sources are blaming Hill for the verdict. Also British press sources are very happy about the penalty, totally ignoring another incident that happened in the race, Rubens Barrichello after retiring threw his steering wheel onto the track, but no action was taken.

Michael Schumacher Monaco Race

Schumacher in his defence said :

“The message was ‘safety car in, track clear,’ if that’s given then its racing,” said Schumacher.


Damon Hill meanwhile defended himself and was quoted as saying :

“Believe me my only concern was that the right thing was done.

“But there was a wry smile from Michael. Slightly ironic you could say.” said Damon Hill

Ross Brawn also came in defence of his driver Schumacher and was able to demonstrate dissimilar endings at Melbourne. He also mentions the marshalls had waved green flags, a symbol for normal racing to resume.

“We believed that the track had gone green and the race was not finishing under a safety car when article 40.13 clearly would have applied,” said Brawn. “The reason for the safety car had been removed, the FIA had announced ‘Safety Car in this lap’ early on lap 78 and the track had been declared clear by race control.

This was further endorsed when the marshals showed green flags and lights after safety car line one. On previous occasions when it has been necessary to complete a race under a safety car, full course yellows are maintained, as in Melbourne 2009.

On the last lap, we therefore advised our drivers that they should race to the line and Michael made his move on Fernando for sixth place. We have appealed the decision of the stewards.”

In a video he explains that at 15:51 – Safety car coming in was flashed

15:52 – Track Clear was flashed

15:53 – Chequered flag

The appeal looks very promising as the race doesn’t appear to have finished under the safety car as track clear was flashed before chequered flag.

The result of the appeal will be announced by the FIA court of appeals and the result of Monaco Grand Prix is at the moment provisional.

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