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Jenson Button completes the hat trick at Bahrain

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jenson button brawn gp winning in bahrain

Brawn GP seem all set to take this season in record number of races. Their domination is unchallenged and quite frankly they might make the season boring. The race was won on great strategy , earlier on Saturday Sebastien Vettel had scored pole position but couldnt however win the race. He came second while the Toyota of Jarno Trulli was third.

Expectedly Jenson Button was happy on winning the race :

“It was a great race today and I’m so happy to have seen the chequered flag without a safety car or red light in front of me To achieve my third victory of the season is amazing and we are going back to Europe with a strong lead in both championships. I couldn’t wish for anything more. It has been a tough weekend for the team which makes this win even more rewarding as we didn’t have the pace that we expected. I was really happy with my first lap. I knew that I had to overtake Sebastian quickly and got him round the outside on turn one. I had a couple of attempts at Lewis round the first lap and almost got him at the last corner. I knew that he would pull away from me on the straight so I dropped in behind and used the tow to overtake him at turn one. It wasn’t easy from there but getting up to third on the first lap was crucial for me. Our thanks to Mercedes-Benz this weekend who have not only provided us with a powerful engine but have integrated so well with our team. You need a close-knit unit to succeed in Formula One and that is what we have at this team.”

“A fantastic performance today from Jenson and all credit is due to him for an outstanding opening lap which made today’s victory possible. We have had a challenging weekend in dealing with the extreme temperature conditions which was made more difficult by our lack of hot weather testing prior to the season. I am very proud of the way that the team here in Bahrain has worked together to overcome the issues that we faced and how they performed in the race today. Our particular thanks this weekend are due to our engine partner Mercedes-Benz and we are delighted to have achieved our third victory of the season with them here today. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the team at the factory in Brackley who have been working very hard on our upgrade package. After a demanding but successful start of the season, we are all looking forward to returning home and the opportunity for the team to celebrate together before our focus turns to the start of the European season in Spain in two weeks.”

Sorry for the slow updates, but its exam season again for me so formula one time is sort of luxury time.

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April 27th, 2009 at 9:37 am

Briatore calls Jenson Button a concrete roadside post

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Flavio Briatore is an emotional man, so when he came out against Brawn GP like the way he did it wasnt a surprise for most. According to Flavio Briatore, Brawn GP , Williams and Toyota (The diffuser teams) are ruining F1 by making sure that other teams arent able to catch up. Flavio Briatore had this outburst just on the even of the Chinese Grand Prix weekend.

“I don’t know how we can say we have credibility,” Briatore exclaimed.

“It is impossible to recover the ground we have lost on those teams. In three or four races the championship will be decided and I don’t know what the interest of the TV viewers will be when Button has 60 points and Nakajima has 50. It will be better to listen only on radio and watch something else.”

He said that the 2009 formula one season is dull and has been ruined by the likes of Brawn GP. He even attacked Jenson Button saying :

“The drivers in our teams have been and are world champions, while the championship is now fought between a driver who was almost retired and another one who is a good guy but a paracarro (A concrete milepost)”

He further slammed the FIA who have been proposing budget cuts for acting in a Hypocritical manner.

“Just when there’s talk of setting a budget cap to 30 million, we’ve spent 15m for KERS and 10m more for the diffusers. We’re left with five to travel and to pay the employees.”

Meanwhile, Jenson Button who had indeed been written off by anyone and everyone also had something to say about the issue.

“It hurts the credibility of Formula One. He also needs to remember that he tried to employ me for this year.”  Jenson Button said

“He’s obviously a very angry man after the diffuser issues, he’s obviously very disappointed that he hasn’t produced a car that’s as competitive as ours.

“We’ve produced a very competitive car because of the workforce we’ve got  and you can’t take that away from them.”

Lets see if the other teams join this unique war of words.

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April 18th, 2009 at 3:46 am

Jenson Button makes it 2/2 with Brawn GP in abandoned race

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Jenson Button Malaysian Grand Prix 2009

Its amazing to consider that before the start of the 2009 season, Jenson Button had won only 1 race. Now that we are 2 races down in the 2009 season, this man has 3 races in his kitty. The race was abandoned after 31 laps after red flags were waived to stop the dangerous race in torrential rain. Later on the race could not be started as a lot of time had been wasted.

“What a crazy race, it really was,” said Jenson Button

“My start was really bad, I had a lot of oversteer and maybe I didn’t get enough heat in the rear tyres.

“Choosing the tyres here was difficult because unusually when it rains here it pours, but it didn’t.”

And what about Brawn GP, the new outfit is the 1st to win their 1st 2 races since Alfa Romeo who won their 1st 2 races in 1951.

After the race ended, half points were awarded to the top eight finishers as not enough of the race had finished, which is also happening only for the fifth time in formula one history.

Ferrari continued their overly dismal performance. After they had dominated practice the Tifosi were hoping that they would be stronger in the race. But Ferrari would only manage to get Kimi 16th place and Felipe Massa was DNF.

Nick Heidfeld was 2nd with an exceptional pit strategy. After being disqualified from the last race for lying, Lewis Hamilton finished 7th in the race, gaining a few places since the start.

Timo Glock for Toyota was 3rd.

Malaysia GP result – at the end of 31 laps

1.  BUTTON       Brawn
3.  GLOCK        Toyota
4.  TRULLI       Toyota
6.  WEBBER       Red Bull
7.  HAMILTON     McLaren
8.  ROSBERG      Williams
9.  MASSA        Ferrari
10. BOURDAIS     Toro Rosso    +1 lap
11. ALONSO       Renault       +1 lap
12. NAKAJIMA     Williams +1 lap
13. PIQUET       Renault +1 lap
14. RAIKKONEN    Ferrari +1 lap
15. VETTEL       Red Bull      +1 lap
16. BUEMI        Toro Rosso    +1 lap
17. SUTIL        Force India   +1 lap
18. FISICHELLA   Force India   +2 laps
R.  KUBICA       BMW           +30 laps
R.  KOVALAINEN   McLaren +31 laps

Fastest lap: Jenson Button,Brawn GP: 1m36.641s

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Brawn GP make history , one-two at Australian Grand Prix 2009

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It was a script from heaven. The drivers did not even have any sponsors on them. Who would have imagined that a defunct team written off by critics and fans alike, rescued at the last moment would go on to make history and win their first ever formula one grand prix. Honda F1 was giving one dismal performance after another last year, but Brawn GP with its yellow livery seems to have changed the team’s fortunes. I wonder if Honda would have kept the team and raced like this, wouldn’t they have made money ? Anyway, Nick Fry would be kicking himself on the butt.

Also it was more bad news for Jarno Trulli, after starting from the pitlane he was penalised for passing Lewis Hamilton during the safety car period and would not be out of points. Lewis Hamilton thus got promoted to 3rd place in his McLaren.

Sebastien Vettel was demoted 10 places for the Malaysian Grand Prix as he was blamed for this accident with Robert Kubica. See a video of Sebastien Vettel vs Robet Kubica. Kind of reminds me of Kubica at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Jenson Button (unlike a certain other Brit) was pretty modest about the whole thing :

“It wasn’t the perfect race and there’s room for improvement, but we got the win and hopefully this is the first of many. I can’t wait for Malaysia now.”

Meanwhile Lewis Hamilton was all praise for his team’s ‘perfect strategy’

“We’ve definitely not forgotten how to win”, said Hamilton “Our strategy was perfect and the team did a fantastic job.”

The Ferraris had a dismal race and i wouldn’t really like to discuss them even, same is the case with Force India (a little more lucky and they could have been in the points though). Anyway, we head to Malaysia now for the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend. Lets see what the Sepang International Circuit holds.

Brawn GP goes Last to First : Jenson Button claims pole position

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Timo Glock Toyota Rear Wing 2009 Australian Grand Prix

Toyota had their rear wings marked illegal by F1 Stewards due to too much flexibility

Who in their right minds would have bet their money on Brawn GP, a team which until a few weeks ago didnt exist, the erstwhile Honda team whose fate was uncertain after a disastrous season and on Jenson Button who has often been called just another British driver and has been thoroughly overshadowed by McLaren’s own Brit Lewis Hamilton.

Wee this Saturday at Melbourne was not the place to make informed guesses and preditctions, because things didnt go as expected. The McLarens and the Ferraris werent the forces to be reckoned with, but it was the Brawn GP car of Jenson Button which took the pole position. And as if that wasnt enough, forgotten Brazillian driver and Jenson Button’s teammate at Brawn GP Rubens Barrichello was 2nd and will accompany Button in the front row.

Sebastien Vettel was a cool third in his Red Bull Racing car. While Robert Kubica (whom i had considered a favorite) was only 4th fastest. The Ferraris of Felipe Massa and Raikkonen were 7th and 9th respectively. The McLarens were even more pathetic in 15th and 16th place with world champion Lewis Hamilton 16th.

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