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Jenson Button insecure as Lewis Hamilton opens his mouth again


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So these are essentially 2 news items combined into one for your liking plus you will see why we did that. The 1st item is about Jenson Button and his insecurity with Lewis Hamilton due to his long association with the McLaren team. Lewis Hamilton has been associated with the McLaren team since he was a kid (only 12). Jenson Button moves from Brawn GP and is the reigning champion for those of you who werent on this planet last year.

According to The Sun, Lewis Hamilton asked the McLaren bosses : “Is this Lewis’ team?” , he apparently got the reply : “No, it is Lewis’s team and your team.”

Lets hope they keep that promise, we all know what happened when Ronn Dennis claimed the same for Fernando Alonso 😛

Speaking of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, Lewis opened his big mouth again, McLaren had PR people working hard to project Lewis as a nice and likeable young boy, but time and time again he opens his mouth and reveals the arrogant prick he is. Apparently he said “I blew him away” when asked about his season with Fernando Alonso.

Meanwhile Alonso like replied to the comment by saying :

“If I have to answer to all that he says I would use up too much time,”

“McLaren, though, are a good team and when I went there it was a nice moment for me,” Fernando Alonso said

In other news, McLaren will reveal their new challenger on the 29th of January 2010.

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January 16th, 2010 at 3:10 pm

Michael Schumacher prepares for Formula One via GP2 tests

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It seems that Michael Schumacher is all set to enter the cockpit of a formula one car again and to ensure that his comeback isnt an anti-climax he has already started testing GP2 cars. The purpose of these tests is 2 fold says Schumacher, one is to clock as many kilometres as possible under his belt and the second one being that he should get to know the engineers better and vice versa.

The second point is pretty interesting, years and years of working with Ferrari would be having an effect on Michael Schumacher. He is accustomed to Ferrari engineers and the sudden shift to Brawn GP engineers will be tuff for both him and the team. Also in the video he tries to convince that the team and him are quite comfortable with each other after a few days of testing with Brawn GP. But it remains to be seen how much comfort has been created and how much isn’t.

Also, the engineers are supposedly thrilled to be working with Michael Schumacher, now like that’s a surprise 😛

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January 13th, 2010 at 9:45 pm

Michael Schumacher confirms 3 year contract with Mercedes

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In what was being speculated and confirmed by everyone but the man himself, its now official that Michael Schumacher will drive for Mercedes Brawn F1 team. See the video interview above before nut-head copyrights people tear it from Youtube.

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December 23rd, 2009 at 4:35 pm

Michael Schumacher at Mercedes : Where do your loyalties lie ?

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Ok so this is a light hearted post about Michael Schumacher’s supposed move to the Mercedes team for the 2010 season. The move has already gotten Nico Rosberg a little scared about the whole thing, but we will come to that later, there is this whole issue of fan loyalty that needs to be resolved. Let us take me for example, when I started watching formula one Michael Schumacher was with Ferrari and I instantly started liking him, and since he drove a Ferrari , Ferrari became my favourite team.

Then during the period when Michael Schumacher broke his ankle and Mika Salo replaced him, the loyalties stayed with the Ferrari team and I was feeling like a true Tifosi. But Michael Schumacher’s latest move is sure to draw a lot of confusion , am I as a fan supposed to root for Michael Schumacher or Ferrari ?, I mean ever since Michael Schumacher left formula one I have always rooted for Ferrari. This isnt your average I am a Brit so I will support McLaren on every public website on the world wide web, since I am not German either things are going to be confusing.

Anyway, till I solve that paradox, Nico Rosberg is shit scared, he is proclaiming his No.1 driver status in Mercedes and how Michael Schumacher will find the going tough. His exact words being : “When you stay away from Formula One for a long time, it takes time to get used to all the trial sessions again, it is not simple.”

Meanwhile Schumacher’s camp is playing cautious, they haven’t confirmed or denied any of the rumours.

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December 18th, 2009 at 12:11 pm

Kimi Raikkonen takes hiatus from F1, Button joins McLaren F1

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Fernando alonso and Felipe Massa Ferrari 2010

Yesterday was a huge day as far as formula one news goes, Kimi Raikkonen decided to take an year off from formula one, he is supposed to return in 2011, apparently he will be spending 2009 as a rally driver. It was becoming increasingly apparent that Kimi would be asked to leave as Alonso was slated to join the Ferrari F1 team for the 1st time. Luca di Montezemolo was very happy with his boys and praised the team of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso as the best F1 driver combo in formula one. Alonso too was very happy and quoted as saying “It’s the first time I can be part of the Ferrari world from the inside and enjoy the atmosphere. I’m impressed and happy.”

Meanwhile Alonso’s sweater seems like a fashion disaster, ok maybe not, but its cute the way he wants to fit into the Ferrari Red theme 😛

So, moving onto Jenson Button, Jenson Button has moved onto the McLaren team from this year’s title winners Brawn GP. He was reportedly as king for too much and Brawn GP dumped him. His manager i read somewhere said that Brawn couldn’t afford him (need to cross check this). Anyway, McLaren is a total Brit team now, so all the British fans are going to be happy. Also its old blood vs new blood as the Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton rivalry is expected to touch new heights with both of them having the same car. Lets see who wins this very Britty fight 😛

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November 19th, 2009 at 7:01 pm

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