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FIA shuffles out formula one 2010 season rules

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ferrari at bahrain budget cuts A lot of mixing and matching approach has been used by the FIA to come up with the 2010 formula one rules. One of the most biting issues, the budget caps has been confirmed by the FIA but with a twist.

The budgetary cap will be optional. The teams which do adhere to the budgetary caps get a lot of benefits. So most rich teams too may adhere to the caps. But we will get to that later.

  • Refuelling is again banned in formula one, last time it was so in the 1993 season after which to break the supremacy of the Williams F1 team, refuelling was introduced. I was too young in 1993, read it off another site(dont remember which) that it was so. But in the 2010 formula one season, teams shall be allowed to refuel their cars after the third qualifying. Also Tyre Warmers will be banned.
  • The FIA has increased the list of cars on the grid to 26, which translates to 13 teams. Probably Prodrive and USGP will launch their respective teams in the 2010 season. Bernie Ecclestone had told BBC Radio that he has a lot of people confirmed for next season (2010). So lets hold out for announcements with respect to new formula one teams.
  • The FOM will be providing financial assistance to all the new teams in the 2010 formula one season to offset the costs associated with starting and maintaining a new formula one team. The official statement from the FIA read :

In addition to the payments which it already makes to the top ten teams in the Championship, Formula One Management, the commercial rights holder, has agreed to offer participation fees and expenses to the new teams. This includes an annual payment of US$10 million to each team plus free transportation of two chassis and freight up to 10,000 kg in weight (not including the two chassis) as well as 20 air tickets (economy class) for each round trip for events held outside Europe.

To be eligible for this, each new team must qualify as a “Constructor” and demonstrate that it has the necessary facilities, financial resources and technical competence to compete effectively in Formula One.

  • The minimum weight for formula one cars will now be 620 kg from the 2010 formula one season. Alexander Wurz must be happy.

Budget Cap

Now for the main item, the 40m pounds budgetary cap. All teams who wish to register for the 2010 formula one season must do so by the 29th of May. In these applications they must also mention if they are willing to operate under the budget caps or not. So the budget cap is actually optional, but wait.

In case a team adheres to budget caps they get a lot of functional advantages like :

1. Movable wings, front and rear.
2. An engine which is not subject to a rev limit.

The teams who adhere to the budgetary cap will also be allowed unlimited out-of-season track testing with no restrictions on the scale and speed of wind tunnel testing.

Ferrari is already unhappy about the budget caps and Max Mosely has said that F1 will miss Ferrari if they decide to quit over the budgetary limit. But Bernie was quick to the defence of Ferrari saying that he would work to ensure that Ferrari are saved.

Also the 40 million budgetary cap does not cover the following expense of F1 teams :

  1. Remuneration for test or race drivers, including any young driver programmes;
  2. Fines or penalties imposed by the FIA;
  3. Engine costs (for 2010 only);
  4. Any expenditure which the team can demonstrate has no influence on its performance in the Championship;
  5. Dividends (including any tax thereon) paid from profits relating to participation in the Championship.

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May 6th, 2009 at 9:42 am

Red Bull 4th Sector explains the new 2009 F1 rules


The 2009 F1 rules can be a little tuff to understand, so Red Bull made an animation to  help you to better understand the new 2009 F1 rules with respect to the 2008 F1 rules. Enjoy :

Thanks Red Bull formula one for an excellent video.

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February 11th, 2009 at 6:00 am

2009 Formula One Rule Changes (Compiled and Commented)


FIA Formula One Logo

Hi, been really busy again with studies and all, college starts again. So today i just wanted to update myself on the formula one rule changes that shall be effective 2009. Most regulations are cost cutting and aim to make the sport of formula one a little slower and less interesting (Except KERS).

McLaren 2009 rules car with new wings

Most of the new features may be observed on the car above 🙂

1. Slick Tyres : The 2009 season will see the normal grooved tyres being replaced by slick tyres. The slicks would offer better grip (20% according to F1’s official website) and this gain would be neutralised by the fact that aerodynamic regulations have also changed which will result in vastly reduced downforce.

2. New Engine Regulations : The number of revolutions in formula one engines is set to be reduced from 19000 rpm to 18000 rpm which should help preserve the engine. Also the number of races an engine must last is now 3 instead of the earlier 2. Also the Renault team has been allowed to upgrade their engine for the 2009 season so that their power output is able to match upto the other teams.

3. Testing Schedule : No testing will be allowed during the season.

4. Aerodynamics – These are the changes most drivers and teams have opposed. The size of both the rear wings and the front wings has changed.

Front Wing : –

Height : (75mm from 150mm)

Width : (up from 1400 to 1800mm)

Rear Wing : –

Width : (750mm from 1000mm)

Height has been increased by 150 mm.

The back diffuser has been made longer, higher and moved further backwards.

5. KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) – Also known as regenerative braking (I think), this is an optional component in cars. It stores the energy wasted via braking (Kinetic Energy wasted) either as potential energy, or electrical energy in a battery. This energy is then available to the driver via a boost or a turbo button and can be used for seven seconds on a lap.

Thats all at the moment, whats posted above is my understanding of the rule changes. Please correct me if i am wrong.

Photo : Vtornet , CC SA 2.0 License

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January 12th, 2009 at 11:03 am

Medals instead of points? F1 set to go bonkers !

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Well i am back with a bang, just finished with my written exam, only 2 pracs left. Anyway, Bernie Ecclestone has come up with the weirdest F1 idea i have heard in a long time. He has suggested Olympics inspired medals instead of the usual championship points structure. In fact he has insisted that this would be in place by 2009 Melbourne grand prix. All those who used to make lots of useless facts about championship points will be disappointed.

If the new system is introduced, the driver with the most wins shall win the F1 driver’s championship. Drivers will be given gold, silver and bronze medals. The idea does sound bonkers, but he does have a point. With wins deciding the champion, there will be no point in driving conservatively, so everyone will try and go for the win. Bernie had said :

“All the teams are happy.

“The reason this happens is that I get fed up with people talking about no overtaking.

“It’s just not on that someone can win the world championship without trying to win the race.”

The current point system had come into place to cut off Ferrari’s dominant season in which Michael Schumacher had annihilated the competition. Eddie Jordan however was displeased with the news :

“The points are necessary,” Eddie Jordan said. 

“I was one of the first team principals who advocated the points should go down to eighth place because one point is as important to those teams as a win is to McLaren and Ferrari.”

“He is tinkering with something on which he has lost the understanding.

“He thinks that only winning matters.

“When Hamilton lost the race in Spa and it was given to Felipe Massa, can you believe the controversy that would have created had this been the system?

“There has not been enough thought put into this and for him to say that it comes with the full approval of all the teams , I am sorry, I just don’t believe it.”

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November 28th, 2008 at 6:39 pm

Michael Schumacher to be back testing in a Ferrari and more Ferrari news

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Michael Schumacher France formula one 2007

Guess who’s back ? , Michael Schumacher will render his services again to the Ferrari formula one team by testing for them. As electronic aids in F1 cars will soon be banned Ferrari wants to test cars without such aids. Michael Schumacher is by far the most experienced in driving such type of cars. The new ECU units shall not have aids such as traction control and other things which make driving a little bit easier. Michael’s manager insisted though that this is just part of his contract and there are as of now no plans to return to formula one racing full time.
Meanwhile a foundation Stone Ceremony was held on third November 2007 in Abu Dhabi to officially signify the start of construction of one of the most multi-dimensional and highly anticipated themed entertainment attractions in the world, the Ferrari Theme Park.

Officials and special guests in attendance for the event included Ferrari’s President Luca di Montezemolo and Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh, Chairman, ALDAR Properties, as well as invited guests representing media, government and business organizations from around the world.

During the Foundation Stone Ceremony a special time capsule was buried, containing a Conrod and Piston of the F2007, the F1 World Champion Ferrari car, together with the first artist’s impression of the Ferrari Theme Park on Yas Island. The capsule will be then opened again at Ferrari’s 100th anniversary, in 2047.

“This is a very special year for Ferrari” – Mr. Montezemolo said. “Together with the extraordinary commercial success of our GT cars, it brought to Maranello the F1 Constructors World Championship and the F1 Drivers World Championship with Kimi Raikkonen, and I am particularly proud to be present to mark the symbolic start of this great project. Moreover, 2007 is the year of Ferrari’s 60th anniversary, and this Ceremony has therefore a further, important meaning”.

Ferrari Media Photo

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November 7th, 2007 at 5:07 am

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