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Jaypee Sports releases logo for the Buddh International Circuit



The Indian Grand Prix circuit has an official logo now, the Buddh International Circuit has a logo which represents the tricolor forming a B. Here is the logic behind the logo straight from the company :

The name ‘Buddh International Circuit’ has been chosen with reference to the area where the racetrack is situated – Gautam Budh Nagar district (near Greater Noida). Because of its location, naming the circuit ‘Buddh International Circuit’ was a logical choice for the company.
The BIC logo is a stylized ‘B,’ the letter that stands for ‘Buddh’ and for ‘Bharat.’ The orange, green and white colours used in the logo are representative of the Indian flag, while the curves in the stylized ‘B’ in the logo represent the lines of a racetrack.

Ticket prices were also indicated for the weekend, 3 day paddock passes would probably cost only Rs.2500 which is a steal really rivaled only by the Malaysian Grand Prix which has cheaper tickets for the 3 day race weekend.

“We can’t disclose the pricing but it would be moderate. It is in the final stages and it will start from Rs 2500 onwards. We have tied up with the for the ticketing,” Samir Gaur said.

“We are looking at the model of Abu Dhabi and Bahrain and not Singapore since it’s street circuit,”

Manoj Gaur, chairman of the Jaypee Sports group, assured the people of a show worthy of being called THE Indian Grand Prix :

“Be assured my friends. Our and country’s reputation is there. We are responsible people. The track is ready and the homologation of the facility will be done in July as per the time-table of the FIA”

More facts about the Noida circuit :

Length: 5.14km
Turns: 16
Highest point of elevation: 14m
Width of the track: Between 18m – 20m 
Top speeds on the circuit: About 320km/h, for an F1 car
Total seating capacity: About 120,000
Approximate cost of building the track: US$400 million
Distance from New Delhi: 40km approx.
FIA homologation scheduled in: end of July / mid-August 2011
Inaugural F1 race: 30th October 2011

I don’t know about you, but I am really excited about the Indian grand prix and cant wait for the tickets to go on sale.

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April 25th, 2011 at 8:35 pm

The Grand Indian Grand Prix 2011 is just a few months away, ticket sales soon !

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The Jaypee International Race Circuit video by JPSI on Youtube

We are a formula one blog based in India and are pretty proud of it. For a long time F1 has been considered a European sport but in recent times it has opened up to its true potential, to be a sport that’s watched, admired and followed all across the globe. A few years ago we had excitedly reported that Formula One is coming to India.

Formula one missed the 2010 date it had set for India, it looks like 2011 is going to be the F1 year of India.

A few days ago a Jaypee sports spokesperson declared that tickets would be on sale from next month with varying classes that would let everyone from students to corporates attend it.

The Indian Grand Prix has hit a lot of roadblocks this time too, the Indian Government rejected customs exemptions for the formula one equipment to be used at tracks saying that F1 is not a sport. Later on Indian GP boss Mark Hughes quit to work for the Abu Dhabi F1 outfit. But the corporate strength behind the F1 event is strong with the Jaypee group and the F1 event is finally on track.

The current grand prix is scheduled to be held on October 30th 2011 at the Noida based track being constructed by Jaypee Sports. The track is designed by Hermann Tilke who is also often criticised for making too technical and boring tracks (long straight followed by hairpin anyone ?)

Anyway, I would also invite some of our international readers to visit India for the Indian Grand Prix and immerse themselves in the culture and the beautiful country that India is.

Throughout the 2011 formula one season , we would be promoting the Indian Grand Prix (not because we are being paid for it , trust us we aren’t), but because this event  truly deserves this attention. So sit back , relax and enjoy the ride that the 2011 formula one season is going to be.

We will be publishing information as we receive it.

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March 5th, 2011 at 1:43 pm

The formula one Indian Grand Prix is on track !

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The Indian Grand Prix which is scheduled to be organised from the 2011 season is very much on track if the officials involved with the track, its construction and operation are to be believed. The Indian Grand Prix circuit which is coming up in Noida near New Delhi in the NCR region has been marred by hiccups with the sports ministry refusing to recognise formula one as a sport and refusing to sanction tax breaks and incentives for the same. The company incharge of the track and the race isnt worried though. The Jaypee Group, one of the leading conglomerates of India is the company entrusted with organising formula one in India for the next ten years.

Mark Hughes who is the former boss of operations at the Bahrain Grand Prix is the man incharge of the Indian formula one circuit. He is very optimistic about the Indian Grand Prix race in 2011. Addressing a section of the media, he was quoted as saying :

“We fully expect the race to go ahead next October,” vice president of JPSK Sports, a Jaypee Group subsidiary, Mark Hughes said.

“The circuit is part of a sports city being constructed 35 kilometres outside the Indian capital on a 2,800 acre site with areas set aside for the Formula One track and a 100,000-seater international cricket stadium,” Hughes added.

“Jaypee Group head Jaiprakash Gaur is passionate about sport and he has a dream to develop Indian youngsters with talent and prospects to progress,” Hughes added. “The sports hub is part of that dream.”

“We expect to complete construction by July 2011 and once the FIA has given its approval we can finalise training for marshals, track officials and medical staff in time for an October race.”

He also revealed details about the track and that formula one teams were sent simulations of the Indian Grand Prix track and asked for their inputs to the same.

“We sent the details to all the teams and they programmed the information into their simulators and gave us feedback on where we could make improvements and add overtaking opportunity points.”

P.S. The logo above is not the Official logo, its a fan logo designed by us.

Indian government : Formula 1 is not a sport, its entertainment

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The Indian government has let down the lakhs of Indian formula one fans by deciding against providing the formula one event in India sports status. Its interesting to note that the party who was earlier involved in bringing formula one to India was in fact the Indian Olympics Association which is a government body and is run more or less by politicians of the ruling party. Maybe its due to the involvement of rival Mayawati’s government in the project that the Indian Govt. has backed out. But in all the politics , its the Indian fan that misses out.

The JPSK group as it seems had applied for certain concessions with respect to Forex transfers and import export thingies for the Formula One event (Indian Grand Prix) slated to be held in India in 2011. The Government refused to provide these concessions and also refused to recognise Formula One as a sport and instead called it entertainment.

However Indian formula one fans neednt worry just yet, it seems that JPSK , the body behind the construction of the track is still 100% behind the project backed by its parent company. Its well known that India has been on Bernie Ecclestone shopping list for a long time and with more and more Indian companies sponsoring F1 teams even in times of recession, India becomes all the more important.

Lets hope these politicians and their dirty politics don’t spoil the party for genuine formula one fans.

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August 26th, 2009 at 3:58 pm

Force India : Photos from Monaco Grand Prix 2008

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We give you 2 photos of Force India F1 team from the 2008 Monaco Grand Prix where Adrian Sutil almost finished in a point scoring position before Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari hit him from behind, the first one is of Vijay Mallya with Indian actresses Riya Sen and her sister Raima Sen.

 riya sen raima sen vijay mallya monaco 2008

The other is of Adrian Sutil before he crashed, at that time he seems to be in front of a McLaren.

Anyway, it would be better if Mr. Mallya would invite fans to visit the races rather than actresses who wont even know the drivers’s names.

Force India leading McLaren

Images Copyright : Force India Media

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May 30th, 2008 at 1:17 pm

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