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Nigel Stepney accuses Ferrari of counter spying too


It could just be a case of hitting back at Ferrari who are pursuing legal action against Nigel Stepney. He has accused Ferrari of also knowing McLaren data during races. He claims that Mike Coughlan passed on confidential Ferrari information to him. But when asked for proof he said he only discussed verbally and had no proof.

Ferrari loyalists meanwhile dismissed the comments made by him as a way to distract the media. It may earlier be remembered that he had said the he didnt share secret Ferrari data and it was someone else who was in the team currently too. Email exchange between Fernando Alonso and Pedro De La Rosa had debunked that theory and pretty much established him as a liar. Here is what he said :

Nigel Stepney - Spy

“I got weight distribution, I got other aspects of various parts of their car, and I was Ferrari’s employee at the time”

“The question is: did I use the information, did I talk about it? I spoke to some people about it. I can’t prove it, there are no e-mails or anything; points about the fuel and the differences between the teams were discussed inside.

Ferrari Spokesmen too meanwhile dismissed his allegations mocking his credibility.

“We cannot take into consideration quotes from a man like him, a man who gave 780 pages of Ferrari documents to the chief designer of McLaren, who exchanged 320 e-mails and SMS messages with him.”

“Can he sound credible talking about that?”

Written by Formula One Addict

October 4th, 2007 at 9:37 am

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