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Opportunist Press starts to blast Michael Schumacher’s comeback


Michael Schumacher

The opportunist <insert expletive here> that the International media is , it has started to blast Michael Schumacher and his comeback from retirement. Almost all big newspapers and news agencies have had articles criticizing the great German driver who has 7 driving championships to his belt.

Not to forget this is the same media that had hailed Michael Schumacher’s comeback as a super bold move in which Schumacher had kept his legacy on the line. But just four races into the season they have forgotten that he was off the track for so long and is competing with kids half his age who have been racing continuously for the past 5 years in formula one cars.

Its no secret that Michael Schumacher is struggling, he is rusty and his age has probably slowed down his reflexes. But can we overlook the fact that he has only had limited formula one experience till now. If he is here for the whole season, lets give him the whole season to show what he has to offer.

Biggest in its criticism was The Guardian. A British newspaper (no surprise there). The Brits love bashing Germans and French (Indians too 😛 ) . Anyway I read it in an article on , wasn’t able to locate the full article on Guardian’s website, its about when Lewis Hamilton was asked how it felt to race besides his childhood hero Michael Schumacher.

Jenson Button leaned over to Lewis Hamilton and asked Lewis Hamilton to tell the truth  and both of them laughed on it.

“The way things look, it would be no surprise to see him bowing out with as much dignity as he can salvage before the Formula One season is very much older,” The Guardian Continued.

Lets talk about the current world champion Jenson Button, he was handed the title on a platter last year when everyone recommended him to quit formula one. He was definitely one of the slowest drivers on the grid before his team exploited a FIA rule and was able to give him a car faster than all others on the field. and now look at him, snickering like that on a champion like Michael Schumacher.

Jenson Button just lost one fan here ! Oh Wait, I was never his fan 😀

Written by Formula One Addict

April 20th, 2010 at 9:53 am

Rumour: Flavio Briatore set to make Formula One return in 2013

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If rumourville is to be believed Flavio Britatore is said to make a formula one return in 2013 and reportedly he is pitting for Bernie Ecclestone job.

for those of you who may be caught a little off guard here, Flavio Briatore was accused of asking Nelsinho Piquet to crash his Renault formula one car deliberately. The FIA then proceeded to ban Flavio Briatore for his life. Briatore appealed and his appeal was found correct and sustained and the lifeban dissolved.

So now the rumour is that he has agreed to stay off the F1 circuits till 2013 when he will return to the stage of formula one as a commercial director. The deal will ofcourse save the FIA a lot of legal formalities and hurdles but will put into dark the justice that its supposed to have done for the millions of formula one fans around the world.

The Italian Briatore was found to be guilty by Renault also and not only the FIA, so how much is this deal justified ? Our view is that its not, its another place where money and power have ruled over good sense and sportsmanship. In the past few years numerous cheating scandals have emerged with the FIA failing to take concrete action each time and the one time it did was in the case of Briatore and now even that action is reversed.

There is an interesting perspective on the whole thing by Tom Cary, all the parties involved , Pat Symonds, Flavio Briatore, Nelsinho Piquet and the FIA itself will be going scot free from this incident.

It seems the crashgate will be just like the Stepneygate scandal, just fodder for the media and no concrete results of the scandal being exposed.

Written by Formula One Addict

April 13th, 2010 at 2:52 pm

The formula one Indian Grand Prix is on track !

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The Indian Grand Prix which is scheduled to be organised from the 2011 season is very much on track if the officials involved with the track, its construction and operation are to be believed. The Indian Grand Prix circuit which is coming up in Noida near New Delhi in the NCR region has been marred by hiccups with the sports ministry refusing to recognise formula one as a sport and refusing to sanction tax breaks and incentives for the same. The company incharge of the track and the race isnt worried though. The Jaypee Group, one of the leading conglomerates of India is the company entrusted with organising formula one in India for the next ten years.

Mark Hughes who is the former boss of operations at the Bahrain Grand Prix is the man incharge of the Indian formula one circuit. He is very optimistic about the Indian Grand Prix race in 2011. Addressing a section of the media, he was quoted as saying :

“We fully expect the race to go ahead next October,” vice president of JPSK Sports, a Jaypee Group subsidiary, Mark Hughes said.

“The circuit is part of a sports city being constructed 35 kilometres outside the Indian capital on a 2,800 acre site with areas set aside for the Formula One track and a 100,000-seater international cricket stadium,” Hughes added.

“Jaypee Group head Jaiprakash Gaur is passionate about sport and he has a dream to develop Indian youngsters with talent and prospects to progress,” Hughes added. “The sports hub is part of that dream.”

“We expect to complete construction by July 2011 and once the FIA has given its approval we can finalise training for marshals, track officials and medical staff in time for an October race.”

He also revealed details about the track and that formula one teams were sent simulations of the Indian Grand Prix track and asked for their inputs to the same.

“We sent the details to all the teams and they programmed the information into their simulators and gave us feedback on where we could make improvements and add overtaking opportunity points.”

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Michael Schumacher remains optimistic despite lacklustre start

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michael schumacher australia 2010

Michael Schumacher must be feeling like a mere mortal these days, his recent performances at Bahrain and Australia were anything but the legendary stuff he is remembered for. When he decided to return to the track in 2010, it was a super bold move. It was his bet on his legacy. How many people are confident enough to put their legacy on the line. Before this season, Michael had the distinction of being called the best formula one driver by most sources. However all that could change if the 2 recent performances are anything to go by. In both the races Michael has been out-shadowed and out-driven by his teammate Nico Rosberg. A lot of that can be attributed to the fact that Michael Schumacher is out of practice but it still doesn’t change the fact he is being beaten by one of the youngest drivers on the grid.

However he is not the kind of sportsperson to be disheartened by small defeats, he sounded very upbeat on his official website. A partial excerpt of his post is given below :

“I know that might sound awkward but I take a lot of good aspects from the race weekend in Melbourne. Of course that does not show at first sight but looking into our weekend more deeply, I find we did improve quite well and have a good reason to be quite satisfied – just not from the pure result obviously.

But analyzing Qualifying I think both Nico and me could have been ranked 2 to 3 positions better. I had a too conservative set up in the end which was too much concentrated towards the race, plus I had a tear-off strip stuck in my front wing which too cost me some time. And going into the race from those better positions would have meant fighting for the podium.”

Lets hope his optimism is rewarded Smile

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March 29th, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Live from New Delhi : Auto Expo 2010 (Mobility for All)

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The Auto Expo is India’s flagship Automotive Show, this year’s expo was the 10th edition. A large number of global as well as local launches were planned for the show including the Suzuki Kizashi, Chevrolet Beat, Premier Rio, Toyota Etios etc.

I was there like always (special thanks to Ritwik who got us business passes 🙂 (note to self :need to make a press pass)). Here are a few photos from the Expo, hope you enjoy them :

Some New Instrument Panel Designs from the components pavilion :

Some Wacky New Speedometer Designs

The Honda Concept CR-Z :

Honda Concept CR-Z

Honda Concept CR-Z

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January 11th, 2010 at 10:26 am

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