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Jenson Button ‘assists’ Lewis Hamilton the photographer !

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Looks like Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have found alternate vocations, thanks to Vodafone VIP. Jenson Button assists Lewis Hamilton in a professional photoshoot. The video shows good camaraderie between the two Brits, McLaren would be happy about that.  Lewis Hamilton was pretty happy with his new job :

· “So I chose to be the photographer. Jenson was happy with me being the photographer. He wanted to be the assistant because he probably thought he could be lazier but it turned out that he had to do everything. My role was having to direct where all the bits and pieces had to be, position the girls and get them to put on the expressions that I liked and then I had to get the shot done in a very short period of time. I did a pretty good job.” He Said

Jenson was quick to get to grips with the outfit selection, as well as the intricacies of lighting, composition and camera setups, while Lewis also tackled his role confidently. “I’ve done several photo shoots”, Lewis commented, “so I kind of see how photographers behave and act. And obviously I’ve seen Austin Powers so that’s where I really took my inspiration from!”

Check out the behind the scenes video and some exclusive photos :

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button Vodafone VIP behind the scenes

Jenson Button posing for Lewis Hamilton

Jenson Button filling in for the model.

Lewis Hamilton Photography

The Alleged photographs by Lewis Hamilton 🙂

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button with fashion models

Lewis Hamilton set the timer for this one !

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button              Jenson Button with fashion models

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button with fashion models

Jenson Button posing for the camera              Lewis Hamilton posing for the camera

Generally fiddling around on the set for the photo shoot !

About Vodafone VIP :

The film is just one element of Vodafone VIP, which gives customers access to the best of British festival, fashion and Formula 1™ events. Whether it’s the 2011 FORMULA 1 SANTANDER BRITISH GRAND PRIX, music festivals or exclusive front row seats at London Fashion Week shows, Vodafone will be supplying customers with the hottest tickets and money can’t buy experiences. All Vodafone customers can register for Vodafone VIP by going online.

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June 30th, 2011 at 3:23 pm

David Coulthard lights Mumbai’s roads on fire !

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It was a spectacle any formula one fan would have died to see. David Coulthard scorched across the newly constructed architectural marvel that is the Bandra Worli sea link in a Red Bull formula one car in 3 minutes flat. Normally a car would take around 70 minutes according to the prescribed speed limit. Take a look at the video below, our International readers will also enjoy the beautiful city that is Mumbai (earlier known as Bombay). Also have a look at all the dry ice cooling the brakes.

October 11, 2009 will always be remembered as the day Mumbai had its first tryst with F1. The spirit of this dynamic city was celebrated on the marvellous Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link as Red Bull Racing Pilot David Coulthard zoomed down the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link in his Red Bull Racing F1 car.

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October 16th, 2009 at 8:38 am

2000 Spa Francorchamps : Mika Hakkinen overtakes Michael Schumacher


Was doing my usual youtube f1 watching when i came across this. I must admit i dont distinctly remember this incident, but supposedly its one of the “best” overtaking manoeuvres ever in formula one. I guess the white car caught in the middle is Ricardo Zonta.

Mika Hakkinen doesn’t let Michael Schumacher place the back-marker in the middle , instead takes the inside like and overtakes Michael Schumacher.

If you see the Hakkinen view in the video, it shows that Mika was pretty lucky that Zonta decided to give him way too. Infact Michael had to move off the racing line while Mika was able to continue.  When Zonta saw Michael and Mika, he should have moved off the racing line and not played a role on the outcome of the battle, instead he did factor a lot in the battle.

Fail to see how its the “awesomest” overtaking move ever in formula one.

P.S. Spelling mistakes in the video ! Its Michael Schumacher not Micheal Schumacher

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December 18th, 2008 at 1:05 pm

The night race at Singapore Grand Prix is next

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singapore grand prix 2008 track night

Its time for the mega event, everyone was waiting for the formula one Singapore Grand Prix 2008, not because its Singapore, not because its a great track but because of the gimmick of it being a night race. After initial concerns by drivers and teams, the venue was accepted for a night race. A large number of projectors will be used to illuminate the track.

I am pretty unhappy with the organisers as they didnt approve our request for media access telling us (surprisingly) we are infringing upon copyright of another company (we had used the FIA logo in the FIA ruling article as a low resolution image like Keith does or even BBC does ,the logo was used to illustrate that the decision is made by the FIA). Since then i removed the logo and replace it with a photo of Felipe Massa and told them about fair use which is also incidentally included in Singapore IP law. Anyway, lets forget about that, we will post images from the teams whose media centre we are a part of.

The Singapore Grand Prix is on the 28th of September and the race will be a night race held in the Marina Bay Area of Singapore. A large number of projectors will illuminate the track. Will the cars also have headlights ? We were also able to find a few videos about the Singapore Grand Prix on Youtube, here they are:

1. Red Bull Racing 4th Sector : Join Mark Webber on the Singapore Street circuit. Some good info in the video, the Race will have 61 laps anticlockwise, approximately a 309 Km, the track has 6 slow turns, 4 high speed streches and 3 ideal overtaking spots. A great video from Red Bull 4th Sector which also features a flying lap with Mark Webber and Sebastien Vettel


2. Martin Whitmarsh and Mclaren Video : A funny video, Martin Whitmarsh the CEO of the McLaren formula one team is giving an interview while the team works in the background, making loud noises, dropping stuff and walking inbetween the camera and Whitmarsh. One can also see headlights on the car (but they look very un-aerodynamic to me)


3.Nico Rosberg driving the Williams car on a simulator at the Singapore Track.

Photo Under GNU License/CC SA originally by chensiyuan sourced from WikiMedia

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September 25th, 2008 at 5:41 pm

Head on over to the Valencia Street Circuit

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I really needed the 3 week break from formula one, as I go ahead in my Engineering course, its harder to find time for finer things in life like live formula one telecasts and maintaining a hobby blog about formula one. This race is exciting as the European Grand Prix moves to the Valencia street circuit, a little digging around on Youtube showed me this video, which hopefully is of the Valencia Street Circuit (a simulation though).

You can see the track map in the bottom left corner and as you can see the track seems to be high speed and straight-ish at most times. There is also a bridge formation which might become as epic as the Monaco tunnel.

As far as the actual race goes, McLaren do seem to be pretty strong at the moment, while one Ferrari finds it difficult to qualify the other one finds it difficult to finish. Unless Ferrari sorts out these issues, they can kiss the championship goodbye. More on this later, must get back to studying for now .


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August 17th, 2008 at 10:35 am

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