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From the first moment, I wasn’t completely comfortable with McLaren: Fernando Alonso

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Please Excuse the shoddy art work. , Moving on though :

First it was Lewis Hamilton , who had accused the McLaren team of bias against him by telling him to slow down at the formula one Monaco Grand Prix. At that time he had exclaimed that he was and was always going to be the number two driver of the McLaren formula one team.

But now the tables have turned literally, with World Champion Fernando Alonso accusing McLaren of British bias.

“From the first moment, I wasn’t completely comfortable. I am in an English team, with an English team-mate, who is doing brilliantly,” Fernando Alonso said.

But damage control was quickly in place, with the McLaren team again going on record and denying any sort of bias. Ron Dennis was quickly made to give the following statement :

“It’s completely understandable that the results of each Grand Prix are going to provide both the British and the Spanish media with an opportunity to hang on every word that the drivers say.

“Fernando’s comments when read carefully are correct, he hasn’t been with the team long and the relationship can only continue to develop.

“The team is not going to do anything to jeopardize this positive and growing partnership.” , Ron Dennis said

This kind of infighting cant be good for anyone related to the team. By now the mechanics must be feeling pressurized. The drivers wont be concentrating on racing. And the average formula one fan must be a hell of a lot confused. Lets hope the McLaren team will soon be able to sort out the mess created by their drivers. If it were any other profession, i am sure companies would have placed their employees under gag orders or even fired them.

Written by Formula One Addict

June 13th, 2007 at 3:00 pm

Hamilton trained and censored by McLaren


I had talked earlier that Hamilton must have been properly censored by the McLaren team for his comments after the formula one Monaco Grand Prix. And i wasn’t wrong, at Monaco he had said that he was the number 2 driver. But suddenly everyone’s equal, obviously the McLaren formula one team has taught him well. My problem is not with his statement, but the obviousness that these are obviously not his feelings. I guess he should have been a little less diplomatic now or a little more diplomatic earlier.

“I have got a real strong belief in them and all the guys want to win. No-one is biased, they are very, very level and very equal.”

“I could see it was just getting bigger and bigger. I was quite surprised that such a big thing was made out of it.

“Alonso did a fantastic job in the race and there is no doubt he did the best job and deserved to win.

“My time will come, though. I am only 22; we have got time.”

“I feel the team is going to give me the car, me and Fernando, to win and I feel it is going to come down to the end .

“It will just be at the end who is the most consistent and who makes the least mistakes.” Lewis Hamilton said

He also spoke about former formula one driver Jacques Villeneuve’s recent comments about his ‘dangerous moves’ :

“Jacques deserves to have his opinions about it and I can respect that, but this is formula one racing,” Lewis Hamilton said.

“If you are cutting across people, being dangerous and possibly taking them out, then I would totally agree. But that has not been the case in any of the races I have seen.

“It has not been dangerous up until now and I think you can see that it is for the FIA to make the choice.”

Written by Formula One Addict

June 8th, 2007 at 3:09 pm

Jacques Villeneuve smacks Hamilton

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Jacques Villeneuve

Formula one’s most outspoken driver Jacques Villeneuve has done it again. He just does not want to be out of the spotlight. After F1 bade farewell to him, he still hasnt stopped blabbering. Usually he would attack Michael Schumacher for his ‘Dangerous’ driving style, but now he seems to have a new victim – Lewis Hamilton

In an interview to Autosport, he said the following

First he criticized Hamilton’s overtaking manoeuvres –

“When will these chopping moves stop?”

“Lewis is not getting penalised and his behaviour off the start has started to look the way Michael used to.”

Then Villeneuve made allegations of favouritism with Lewis, saying that he should have received penalties.

“He makes progressive moves that would have got some of the other drivers black-flagged.”

Then he put the cherry on the cake , doubting his competitiveness comparing him to teammate Fernando Alonso –

“Lewis is very fast,but he still has to step up to the plate and beat Fernando Alonso.

“And we still haven’t seen how he reacts under pressure that will be interesting to watch.”

It seems to me that cash strapped, or fame hungry Jacques Villeneuve just does it to attract attention, i have hated this guy ever since i read his interviews about Michael Schumacher. Formula one is a much? nicer place without him.

Written by Formula One Addict

June 6th, 2007 at 5:21 pm

F1 Controversies : Formula One and Team Orders

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**Warning : Seasoned F1 fans may find this post boring**

While those of us watching formula one are well aware of the team orders controversy caused by Ferrari’s actions at Austria in 2002, the new spectators of the sport are bound to be left confused. So we bring them the reason why the recent McLaren controversy caused such a furore in the world of Formula One. First let us attempt to define team orders rather than assuming ambiguous definitions.

In my opinion, Team Orders can be defined as the act of allowing past your teammate or not challenging your teammate while racing for a broader gain like a one in the driver’s championship. Allegedly and quite obviously this had been happening for a long time in formula one.

2002 Austrian Grand Prix

Till the last lap it looked like a certain Rubens Barrichello victory, but just as he was to cross the start finish line, he was told to slow down and let Michael Schumacher pass so that he could gain more in the driver’s championship. The actions drew a lot of criticism, and the FIA decided to ban team orders influencing the final finishing order of a race.

Rubens Barrichello Michael Schumacher 2002 Austrian Grand Prix


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June 1st, 2007 at 1:26 pm

F1 Controversies: 1998 Belgian Grand Prix


The 1998 Belgian Grand Prix. One of the most amazing races in recent times and personally one of my biggest favourites, the race had everything, action, drama, swearing, team orders and ofcourse rain. After Qualifying, Mika Hakkinen was first in his McLaren Mercedes while Michael Schumacher was a distant fourth at the grid. Around 13 cars crashed out on the 1st lap (LOL) and the race was red flagged to clear the track up. Most teams restarted their drivers in spare cars, however with only a limited number of spare cars, the lesser mortals(the no.2 drivers) had to be content with watching the race from the paddocks rather than driving in it.

Controversy Number 1

Belgian Grand Prix
The race restarted and the master of wet tracks Michael Schumacher was absolutely unstoppable, he was lapping MUCH faster than the other cars and quickly gained the lead. He was about 2 minutes ahead of rest of the pack. It was looking like a certain victory for Michael. But alas, while overtaking Coulthard, Coulthard brake tested Schumacher , which made Schumacher lose a wheel and lose the race. It could have been a very serious accident also. Coulthard had later admitted that such a move could have had dire consequences for either of them and admitted his fault in June 2003 in an interview. Anyway, both Schumacher and Coulthard headed back into the pits, Schumacher on 3 wheels ofcourse. But as soon as he reached the garage, Schumacher jumped out , tore the race mask off of his face(still remember this, a part of it actually stuck to his face) and almost punched Coulthard in the face. And here is what he allegedly told David Coulthard

Michael Schumacher: Are you trying to f****** kill me?

David Coulthard (blank)

Visibly shaken and stirred, David Coulthard later rejoined the race in the hope that more cars may crash, but only 8 cars crossed the finish line with Coulthard in 7th place failing to score any points (only top 6 used to get points)

Controversy Number 2

It was Damon Hill now in the lead for the Jordan team, with Ralf Schumacher in second place. It was looking like Ralf would actually overtake Damon. But it was Monaco 2007 there too, Ralf was told to back off as the race was pretty much in the bag and they didnt want Ralf to lose control and end his or Damon’s race. On the podium you could see the sadness on Ralf Schumacher’s face just like you could see it on Lewis Hamilton’s face.

Written by Formula One Addict

May 30th, 2007 at 2:50 pm

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