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The night race at Singapore Grand Prix is next

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singapore grand prix 2008 track night

Its time for the mega event, everyone was waiting for the formula one Singapore Grand Prix 2008, not because its Singapore, not because its a great track but because of the gimmick of it being a night race. After initial concerns by drivers and teams, the venue was accepted for a night race. A large number of projectors will be used to illuminate the track.

I am pretty unhappy with the organisers as they didnt approve our request for media access telling us (surprisingly) we are infringing upon copyright of another company (we had used the FIA logo in the FIA ruling article as a low resolution image like Keith does or even BBC does ,the logo was used to illustrate that the decision is made by the FIA). Since then i removed the logo and replace it with a photo of Felipe Massa and told them about fair use which is also incidentally included in Singapore IP law. Anyway, lets forget about that, we will post images from the teams whose media centre we are a part of.

The Singapore Grand Prix is on the 28th of September and the race will be a night race held in the Marina Bay Area of Singapore. A large number of projectors will illuminate the track. Will the cars also have headlights ? We were also able to find a few videos about the Singapore Grand Prix on Youtube, here they are:

1. Red Bull Racing 4th Sector : Join Mark Webber on the Singapore Street circuit. Some good info in the video, the Race will have 61 laps anticlockwise, approximately a 309 Km, the track has 6 slow turns, 4 high speed streches and 3 ideal overtaking spots. A great video from Red Bull 4th Sector which also features a flying lap with Mark Webber and Sebastien Vettel


2. Martin Whitmarsh and Mclaren Video : A funny video, Martin Whitmarsh the CEO of the McLaren formula one team is giving an interview while the team works in the background, making loud noises, dropping stuff and walking inbetween the camera and Whitmarsh. One can also see headlights on the car (but they look very un-aerodynamic to me)


3.Nico Rosberg driving the Williams car on a simulator at the Singapore Track.

Photo Under GNU License/CC SA originally by chensiyuan sourced from WikiMedia

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September 25th, 2008 at 5:41 pm

AT&T Williams formula one team at Moscow: Photos et more

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Williams F1 at Moscow

More photos of the AT&T Williams team from Moscow inside the post.

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July 16th, 2008 at 5:44 pm

Kimi Raikkonen gets Ferrari’s 1st win of the season in Malaysia


Kimi Raikkonen celebrates winning Malaysian Grand PRix 2008

At the post race press confrence Kimi Raikkonen was true to his nickname of the iceman. The flying Finn (sorry Mika Hakkinen 😛 ) calmly replied to questions about the ‘tough’ race and said that it wasn’t too bad in Malaysia. His teammate Felipe Massa meanwhile had to retire when he went onto the gravel earlier in the race on lap 32.During the last race it looked like Kimi was uncomfortable without the traction control, but it looks like Massa is more uncomfortable without the tractions control. Kimi ran an almost perfect race, he could have overtaken Felipe on the 1st lap itself but decided to hold back and let his pit strategy do the overtaking for him. He lapped exceptionally well during his in lap and that sheer pace made overtaking Massa look like a piece of cake.

Lewis Hamilton was sort of robbed of a possible podium finish when his pitstop didnt goto plan and his pitstop got extended due to a problem in one of his wheels. He eventually finished 5th His teammate however finished on the podium in third place. Robert Kubica of BMW meanwhile finished second putting in another strong performance for the BMW team. Force India’s Giancarlo Fisichella got a nice 12th place finish much better than what most people would have expected from the ex-Spyker F1 team.

Giancarlo Fisichella Force India

Final Result of the formula one Malaysian Grand Prix 2008

Pos   Driver   Nat   Team   Time 
1 Kimi Raikkonen  FIN  Ferrari  31:18.6
2 Robert Kubica  PL  BMW Sauber  19.57
3 Heikki Kovalainen  FIN  McLaren-Mercedes  38.45
4 Jarno Trulli  I  Toyota  45.832
5 Lewis Hamilton  GB  McLaren-Mercedes  46.548
6 Nick Heidfeld  D  BMW Sauber  49.833
7 Mark Webber  AUS  Red Bull-Renault  01:08.1
8 Fernando Alonso  E  Renault  01:10.0
9 David Coulthard  GB  Red Bull-Renault  01:16.2
10 Jenson Button  GB  Honda  01:26.2
11 Nelson A. Piquet  BR  Renault  01:32.2
12 Giancarlo Fisichella  I  Force India-Ferrari  -1 lap 
13 Rubens Barrichello  BR  Honda  -1 lap 
14 Nico Rosberg  D  Williams-Toyota  -1 lap 
15 Anthony Davidson  GB  Super Aguri-Honda  -1 lap 
16 Takuma Sato  J  Super Aguri-Honda  -2 laps 
17 Kazuki Nakajima  J  Williams-Toyota  -2 laps 
DNF  Sebastian Vettel  D  Toro Rosso-Ferrari   
DNF  Felipe Massa  BR  Ferrari   
DNF  Adrian Sutil  D  Force India-Ferrari   
DNF  Timo Glock  D  Toyota   
DNF  Sebastien Bourdais  F  Toro Rosso-Ferrari   

Australian Grand Prix 2008 : Lewis Hamilton on Top !

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Kimi Raikkonen - Ferrari 2008 I had an exam today, so was really divided on whether to watch the Qualifying or not, but better sense prevailed and i watched it anyway. Ferrari bombed big-time with Kimi facing problems early on in his qualifying and having to settle for a dismal 16 – the topmost position in the Q1 qualifying session. Kimi’s car got stuck in the 1st session and hence could not compete further due to qualifying rules.

It was a different story for Lewis Hamilton though, his car was faster than Felipe’s Ferrari by a good margin. Robert Kubica qualified second for the BMW team while Lewis’s teammate will start right behind Lewis on the grid in the race as he qualified in third place.

Toyota did well to get 6th and 9th place for Trulli and Glock respectively. It was a good session for them.

Force India was as expected towards the bottom, Fisichella managed to beat a Torro Rosso alongwith 2 Super Aguris, and got 17th place.


1. Lewis Hamilton Britain McLaren-Mercedes 1:26.714

2. Robert Kubica Poland BMW Sauber 1:26.869

3. Heikki Kovalainen Finland McLaren-Mercedes 1:27.079

4. Felipe Massa Brazil Ferrari 1:27.178

5. Nick Heidfeld Germany BMW Sauber 1:27.236

6. Jarno Trulli Italy Toyota 1:28.527

7. Nico Rosberg Germany Williams-Toyota 1:28.687

8. David Coulthard Britain Red Bull-Renault 1:29.041

9. Timo Glock Germany Toyota 1:29.593

10. Sebastian Vettel Germany Toro Rosso-Ferrari No Time

11. Rubens Barrichello Brazil Honda 1:26.173

12. Fernando Alonso Spain Renault 1:26.188

13. Jenson Button Britain Honda 1:26.259

14. Kazuki Nakajima Japan Williams-Toyota 1:26.413

15. Mark Webber Australia Red Bull-Renault No Time

16. Kimi Raikkonen Finland Ferrari No Time

17. Giancarlo Fisichella Italy Force India-Ferrari 1:27.207

18. Sebastien Bourdais France Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:27.446

19. Adrian Sutil Germany Force India-Ferrari 1:27.859

20. Takuma Sato Japan Super Aguri-Honda 1:28.208

21. Nelson Piquet Brazil Renault 1:28.330

22. Anthony Davidson Super Super Aguri-Honda 1:29.059

Nico Rosberg set to be at Williams F1 till 2009

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McLaren and Lewis Hamilton’s hopes have been dashed. Lewis Hamilton had hinted that McLaren may try to snatch Nico Rosberg from Williams F1. At that time Williams had told them to ‘lay off’ (or something similar which i dont remember)

Anyway, the bottomline is that Nico Rosberg shall stay at Williams with much more attractive terms obviously. Interest shown by other teams must have translated into a pay rise for the young driver who is the son of Keke.

“Williams have made me an attractive, far better offer with a new contract up to 2009 and I decided to accept it,” he told German newspaper Bild.

“For Williams the question of letting me go (to McLaren) never arose.”

“I could imagine myself going to a McLaren car just like I could see myself at Ferrari in 2008. Every young driver wants a car that can bring you the title. I’m no different. I race for success. But I feel I have to be patient, like most people.

“There are only a few exceptions like Lewis Hamilton who can have immediate success. Mika Hakkinen had to wait six years for a first win.”

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December 10th, 2007 at 7:33 am

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