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Stewards led by Damon Hill penalise Michael Schumacher, Mercedes to appeal



Michael Schumacher overtakes Alonso 2010 Monaco Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher might be the most successful driver on Monaco, but from this weekend he would be getting another tag of probably being the most unlucky/controversial driver at the Monaco circuit. Fresh on the heels of the controversy that the British media generated about the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix incident.

In the latest incident Michael Schumacher was punished with a 20 seconds penalty which threw him out of the points for illegally overtaking Fernando Alonso. The point of contention here is if he was allowed to overtake Alonso when the safety car went in. The article 40.13 states :

If the race ends whilst the safety car is deployed it will enter the pit lane at the end of the last lap and the cars will take the chequered flag as normal without overtaking.

But the article should not be valid here as the race monitors said Safety car in this lap.

The rules state if the race ends under the safety car period, the order will remain the same, however Michael Schumacher and Mercedes GP contend that since an all clear was given to race the overtaking move on Fernando Alonso was legal and legitimate.

FIA Stewards José Abed (FIA Vice President), Dr. Christian Calmes (a representative of the Automobile Club de Monaco), Paul Gutjahr  announced the verdict alongwith Damon Hill. The text was :


Fernando Alonso Monaco Race

The appeal went to the stewards where Michael Schumacher’s old foe Damon Hill was the driver’s representative. A large number of press sources are blaming Hill for the verdict. Also British press sources are very happy about the penalty, totally ignoring another incident that happened in the race, Rubens Barrichello after retiring threw his steering wheel onto the track, but no action was taken.

Michael Schumacher Monaco Race

Schumacher in his defence said :

“The message was ‘safety car in, track clear,’ if that’s given then its racing,” said Schumacher.


Damon Hill meanwhile defended himself and was quoted as saying :

“Believe me my only concern was that the right thing was done.

“But there was a wry smile from Michael. Slightly ironic you could say.” said Damon Hill

Ross Brawn also came in defence of his driver Schumacher and was able to demonstrate dissimilar endings at Melbourne. He also mentions the marshalls had waved green flags, a symbol for normal racing to resume.

“We believed that the track had gone green and the race was not finishing under a safety car when article 40.13 clearly would have applied,” said Brawn. “The reason for the safety car had been removed, the FIA had announced ‘Safety Car in this lap’ early on lap 78 and the track had been declared clear by race control.

This was further endorsed when the marshals showed green flags and lights after safety car line one. On previous occasions when it has been necessary to complete a race under a safety car, full course yellows are maintained, as in Melbourne 2009.

On the last lap, we therefore advised our drivers that they should race to the line and Michael made his move on Fernando for sixth place. We have appealed the decision of the stewards.”

In a video he explains that at 15:51 – Safety car coming in was flashed

15:52 – Track Clear was flashed

15:53 – Chequered flag

The appeal looks very promising as the race doesn’t appear to have finished under the safety car as track clear was flashed before chequered flag.

The result of the appeal will be announced by the FIA court of appeals and the result of Monaco Grand Prix is at the moment provisional.

Lewis Hamilton opens his big mouth again, claims he does not want Michael Schumacher’s legacy (Like he has a choice)


Lewis Hamilton is a queer-queer character. One day he makes a provocative and stupid statement and the next day his super large PR team is out to make him look like a good boy. Some Brits found it fascinating 😛 , I find it highly arrogant, but hey I am not British , so who am I to judge Lewis Hamilton and his comments on an Italian team’s former world champion who is German.

I don’t know what it is with the British Press which covers motorsport and formula one. The fact that no British driver could ever get close to the kind of legacy Michael Schumacher has kind of breeds a little discontent and the British media take advantage of this and start mudslinging on Michael Schumacher in the hopes of selling more copies of their newspaper or more hits on their website. And if websites are any indicators of British consumer behaviour, boy do they pounce on any anti Michael Schumacher post.

I find the British press highly motivated to protect McLaren and Lewis Hamilton at all costs and highly biased in anything to do with Ferrari, Alonso and Michael Schumacher. I remember during the spygate saga when I had a few posts criticizing McLaren, I received tons of hate mail quoting British dailies and tabloid which swore how McLaren was the victim in the whole incident.

I would like to add here, I have absolutely no problem with British folk, this swipe is intended at the British media only.

Coming back to Lewis Hamilton though, in an Interview to a news agency, Lewis Hamilton was quoted as saying :

“I want to be remembered as a fair driver as a clean driver and one that always drove with my heart and battled through thick and thin to score the points and the championships I will hopefully earn by then”

“For me, when I think about the history it is not just about me, it is about how my family raised me, and where we came from.

“For that to be potentially tainted by something like that (Michael Schumacher’s Monaco controversy) would be really devastating for me. That is definitely something I don’t want to be remembered for.”

How my family raised me , where we came from ? I really hope he is not playing the other kind of race card (The race not related to formula one). There is lots more in quotes from where that came from.

He often makes this attempt of projecting himself as a nice person a nice guy, but we all know the truth. His comments about his team principal (who literally raised him) or his teammates (we know about the Alonso controversy).

Anyway, coming back to Lewis Hamilton’s contention that he doesn’t want a legacy like Michael Schumacher, a little reality check, you can never get that kind of legacy, because you simply aren’t as good. Period.

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May 14th, 2010 at 6:30 pm

Press still cant forget Monaco 2006 : bug Michael Schumacher over 2006 Monaco GP Qualifying

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Michael Schumacher

In what some British sections of the press would call an interesting press conference, it was the same old witch-hunt from the press at the Monaco Grand Prix that would certainly get McLaren fanboys into a tizzy (and it has with moral lectures all over the internet).

Michael Schumacher was asked questions about the qualifying at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2006 in which it was alleged that he braked and parked his Ferrari to prevent others from setting a faster time and that he did it deliberately. The stewards at that time had found him guilty of the charges and a punishment was given to Schumacher who had to start the race from the back of the grid.

But certain sections of the press needed to rile up the issue again to increase their circulations and F1 websites too to earn more hits and comments 😛 (us too, but we are on Michael Schumacher’s side), Just look at the barrage of questions being thrown at Michael Schumacher during the Monaco press conference :


First Schumacher was asked if he had any regrets about Monaco 2006, he replied :

“I guess it didn’t, but it doesn’t change as well if we got back into it, because we’re now in 2010″

On more prodding, He further said

“I had great fun in the race, I have to say. Coming from last, and going through the field, I think I finished fifth. That was good fun.”

And then when someone pointed out that Saturday was a low point in his career, he said

“You made it – some of you guys,” he said. “I mean, let’s look forward and not backwards.”

Then BBC reporter David Croft jumps in with the final whammy and asked Michael Schumacher if he would do it again and Michael Schumacher responded by calling him boring.


Even if we neglect the third degree over here, the press does seem to be pretty motivated to make an issue out of the non issue again and make him admit his guilt over here by hook or by crook.

We don’t see Ronn Dennis, Lewis Hamilton being grilled with the same ferocity over spy gate or liar gate ? or should we collectively call those as McLaren-gate ? Needless to say, I plan to rile up all the McLaren cheating attempts (there have really been too many) throughout the season.

Even journalists who swore on their lives that McLaren was innocent during the spygate do not see the hypocrisy of their actions in criticizing Schumacher for this incident in 2006. Columns are filled asking Michael Schumacher to ‘own up’ to the incident forgetting that McLaren and Hamilton didn’t own up but were caught and there was enough evidence to be presented in a full fledged trial.

Michael Schumacher is clearly doing the right thing by telling the press to look ahead as its friggin’ 2010 now and not 2006, but journalism is a very dirty business isn’t it. News at any cost is the mantra and hey if it bashes the other side, then its even better. What’s the point in making him admit that he did it, do courts force the accused to admit guilt after being sentenced ? , they don’t because its a waste of time and effort, the punishment is delivered according to the evidence and its time to move on.

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May 12th, 2010 at 8:24 pm

Is it revival time ? Michael Schumacher 3rd fastest in practice behind the McLarens

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Update: Michael Schumacher was third fastest in the second practice session also behind the Red Bulls.

In what is good news for formula one and Michael Schumacher fans all around the world, the German seemed to be on pace in the practice session of this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix. We have been following this story all week right from the press stories against Michael Schumacher to the Mercedes GP change of the chassis of Michael Schumacher’s car in order to make the car more suitable for him. But the joy could be shortlived as teams could be testing different experimental combinations before the actual race.

Lewis Hamilton was fastest during the session while Jenson Button was second fastest in the session. Mark Webber for the Red Bull team was fourth ahead of his teammate Sebastien Vettel. Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher’s teammate was sixth in the practice session.

Fernando Alonso was eighth in the session while teammate Felipe Massa was twelfth in the other Ferrari car.

All eyes on Michael Schumacher’s new chassis as F1 circus heads to España

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With the Mercedes GP team promising a new chassis and improvements to Michael Schumacher’s car this weekend at Spain, all eyes will be on the German ace to see if the promised improvement in his pace is there or not. As our readers will remember , the formula 1 news press and formula one blogs were criticising Schumacher after the Chinese Grand Prix going to the extent of saying that he should go back into retirement. We ofcourse feel otherwise that Schumacher’s return is very good for the sport and Schumacher can only improve from this point onwards. In a candid admission to the Wall Street Journal, Schumacher admitted that he wasnt expecting a super performance from the word go :

“I’m pretty much where I expected to be,” Michael Schumacher said

“I’m not a dreamer that believes I can just cancel out three years, jump in and kick everybody’s a–, that wasn’t my idea. It will take time to feel as confident as I used to be.” Schumacher Added

With cars becoming more important than drivers in formula one, its no surprise to see Schumacher struggling in his car. He has driven in and won in cars which had very little electronics compared to the technological marvels that today’s cars are. Take last year’s example where Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello were able to lead the world championship solely due to their car being fast. Anyone placing their money on Button and/or Barrichello would have surely been considered a loon before Brawn GP happened.

So now with Mercedes GP team vowing to provide a suitable car with a new chassis to Michael Schumacher in order for the German to be comfortable and at-least match his teammate Nico Rosberg if not the rest of the grid, we can say its the acid test for the team as well as Michael Schumacher. If Schumacher isn’t able to improve his performance at Barcelone it will give more ammo to Schumacher critics who have been very vocal in disapproving his performances.

Here is hoping for the best, may Michael Schumacher regain his magical form.

Written by Formula One Addict

May 6th, 2010 at 8:09 am

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