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Lewis Hamilton charged by Melbourne Police for street stunt

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“We told you so” would be such an understatement 🙂 , anyway British formula one driver Lewis Hamilton has been charged by the Aussie authorities for doing stunts on public roads. The Melbourne police has charged him with doing a burnout and a fishtail stunt in March at the time of the Australian Grand Prix.

After the incident, his Mercedes Saloon was impounded by the Aussie police.

Anyway he has been asked to appear three days before the Belgian Grand Prix, he is a Swiss resident so technically he doesn’t have to appear, but he wants to enter Australia again for next year’s race, we will keep you posted about his progress and how much he is fined by the Aussie police and authorities.

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May 24th, 2010 at 8:07 pm

Monaco Grand Prix : Held at the sin city of formula one : Steinmetz Diamonds on the McLarens

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Monaco is the ultimate grand prix experience, the glitz, the glamour and ofcourse the horse power punching cars. We do this post every year, whether its posting the Steinmetz diamonds on the McLarens or the Indian Empress Yacht of Vijay Mallya or the Star Wars inspired clothing of Red Bull pit crew. So is it possible to write about all the excesses of the Monaco Grand Prix in 1 big post, probably not, thats why I am going to be using the old formula of 1 excess per post. This post is reserved for the diamonds on McLarens’ F1 cars.

Steinmetz Diamonds on the McLarens  –

This is a tradition isnt it, diamonds shall be encrusted on F1 car steerings and F1 helmets of the McLaren drivers. This year they have encrusted the actual years of the championships which Lewis Hamilton and Jenson button have won. They chose 08 and 09 instead of 2008 and 2009 (smart people ).

I still remember that they had once made an ice formula one car for Kimi Raikkonen to go with his image of the iceman. Unfortunately for the diamond company, neither Lewis Hamilton nor Jenson Button exhibit that kind of charisma.

Here are the diamonds for your pure visual pleasure :

Jenson Button Diamond Helmet

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button Diamond Helmet and Steerings


Its interesting to note, that Hamilton is not using this helmet till now.

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May 15th, 2010 at 12:48 pm

Lewis Hamilton opens his big mouth again, claims he does not want Michael Schumacher’s legacy (Like he has a choice)


Lewis Hamilton is a queer-queer character. One day he makes a provocative and stupid statement and the next day his super large PR team is out to make him look like a good boy. Some Brits found it fascinating 😛 , I find it highly arrogant, but hey I am not British , so who am I to judge Lewis Hamilton and his comments on an Italian team’s former world champion who is German.

I don’t know what it is with the British Press which covers motorsport and formula one. The fact that no British driver could ever get close to the kind of legacy Michael Schumacher has kind of breeds a little discontent and the British media take advantage of this and start mudslinging on Michael Schumacher in the hopes of selling more copies of their newspaper or more hits on their website. And if websites are any indicators of British consumer behaviour, boy do they pounce on any anti Michael Schumacher post.

I find the British press highly motivated to protect McLaren and Lewis Hamilton at all costs and highly biased in anything to do with Ferrari, Alonso and Michael Schumacher. I remember during the spygate saga when I had a few posts criticizing McLaren, I received tons of hate mail quoting British dailies and tabloid which swore how McLaren was the victim in the whole incident.

I would like to add here, I have absolutely no problem with British folk, this swipe is intended at the British media only.

Coming back to Lewis Hamilton though, in an Interview to a news agency, Lewis Hamilton was quoted as saying :

“I want to be remembered as a fair driver as a clean driver and one that always drove with my heart and battled through thick and thin to score the points and the championships I will hopefully earn by then”

“For me, when I think about the history it is not just about me, it is about how my family raised me, and where we came from.

“For that to be potentially tainted by something like that (Michael Schumacher’s Monaco controversy) would be really devastating for me. That is definitely something I don’t want to be remembered for.”

How my family raised me , where we came from ? I really hope he is not playing the other kind of race card (The race not related to formula one). There is lots more in quotes from where that came from.

He often makes this attempt of projecting himself as a nice person a nice guy, but we all know the truth. His comments about his team principal (who literally raised him) or his teammates (we know about the Alonso controversy).

Anyway, coming back to Lewis Hamilton’s contention that he doesn’t want a legacy like Michael Schumacher, a little reality check, you can never get that kind of legacy, because you simply aren’t as good. Period.

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May 14th, 2010 at 6:30 pm

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton looks to repeat Monaco 2008 with new Helmet

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Lewis hamilton - Monaco Practice

Lewis Hamilton is eyeing another victory at the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend where he hopes to recreate the magic he had done in the 2008 edition of the race. Ofcourse the former world champion is yet to win a race this season (that’s another matter )

He called the Monaco Race Track the greatest track in formula one.

“I love the Monaco circuit, it’s the greatest track in Formula One,” Lewis Hamilton said.

“My victory here in 2008 is still probably my best win and one of the greatest moments in my career.

“It was an incredible day. It was wet and, looking at the week ahead, the weather also looks extremely unpredictable with heavy rain forecast for much of the week.

“But even if it doesn’t rain on the Sunday, the possibility of heavily disrupted practice and qualifying sessions means that we’ll probably go into the race with a chance of one of the most exciting and unpredictable Monaco races for many years.

“And on top of that, I’ll also be wearing a specially-painted helmet for the occasion. When you see it, you’ll know why I’ll be hoping for it to swing the odds in my favour.” the British Driver added

Ofcourse the thing about the helmet is just media talk, its just that McLaren partners Steinmetz have once again given the team diamonds for the helmet (and steering wheel ?).

The Steinmetz promotions with Kimi Raikkonen the iceman used to be big hits in the past. This year apart from the Diamonds, Lewis Hamilton seems to have a Roulette wheel on his helmet to celebrate the Monaco Grand Prix.

A Closer look at Lewis Hamilton’s New Helmet with the Casino markings :

Lewis Hamilton Monaco 2010 New Helmet Design

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May 13th, 2010 at 6:46 pm

Lewis Hamilton presents the Vodafone Mercedes transmission series

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Sorry for no race review, blame exams 🙂

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May 10th, 2010 at 9:57 am

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