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Chinese Grand Prix 2012 : Shanghai (Live Blog)

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The cars take their positions and the start sequence starts, 5 red lights go out and Nico is super fast, Schumi holds onto 2nd place, Button is 3rd in front of Kimi Raikonen who leads from Hamilton and Perez. By lap3 Mercedes have opened up such a gap that DRS wont be available to Button and party Smile.

On Lap 9, Nice Rosberg is pulling away from the pack. Michael Schumacher is struggling to hold second place and with Jenson Button in the DRS zone its becoming tougher and tougher.

On Lap 11 , Kimi Raikkonen have a good fight inside the pitlane. Kimi almost noses the McLaren while coming out. Did Lewis Hamilton overtake Kimi Raikkonen in the pitlane ? Its too close to call.

On Lap 13, Michael Schumacher comes in for a pit stop and loses position to Lewis Hamilton as he takes on the harder compound tyres. Race over for Michael Schumacher as he rolls to a standstill on the track side. He lost a wheel apparently (whatever that means).

We just see a replay of Michael Schumacher’s mechanic frantically trying to stop Michael’s car, nut didn’t go on properly.

Lap 27 and the race is a bit boring, Mark Webber overtakes Felip Massa for 12th place I think. Yeah these are Ferraris and Red Bulls fighting for out of points positions.

Lap 31, Massa asked to let Alonso pass as the 2 Ferraris are on different strategies.

Lap 41 , Another pit disaster, Jenson Button’s rear jack fails, loses more than 6 seconds in the pits which ensures that Nico Rosberg isn’t pressurized. Mercedes tells Nico to take it easy.

Lap 50, race is getting super duper exciting, everyone is off the racing line, Raikkonen is probably slower than my grandma at this point, from 2nd place to 12th for him.

Note to Karun Chandhok : Don’t make your co-commentator look like a super fool on international television.

Lap 56/56 – Nico Rosberg all set to take the chequered flag on a 2 stop strategy.

Nico Rosberg wins the Chinese Grand Prix, his 1st grand prix win. Jenson button takes second place for McLaren and Lewis Hamilton makes it a McLaren 2-3.

The camera shows a shot of Michael Schumacher rejoicing, bitter sweet joy there.

Race report in some time.

Sorry Karun Chandhok, its all about money, honey :)

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Hispania HRT F1’s decision to drop Karun Chandhok surprised many, but many had also expected it. Its no secret that India and Indians are primarily looked as a source of funds by the various formula one teams as well as the FIA itself. The only reason for offering Narain Karthikeyan a seat for racing was that he had the dollars of Indian multinationals behind him, same is the case with Chandhok. Unfortunately , it looks like he shall also suffer the same fate as Narain. Narain was kicked out when his sponsorship dropped.

Thats the problem with these lower rung teams, they don’t hire the drivers for their skills, just for the amount of money they bring in.

For those who are a little out of touch, earlier Bruno Senna had been dropped to make way for Sakun Yamamoto, however now Senna has his seat back and its time to kick Karun out of the picture.

Meanwhile Chandhok has expressed hope that he will race again :

“I expect to be back for races later in the year,” Chandhok was quoted 

“At the moment we are talking only about Hockenheim but with four drivers and two cars, it is probably inevitable I will miss some more races.

“I came into this team looking to establish myself as a credible, respectable formula one driver and I’ve done that.” said the Indian

Written by Formula One Addict

July 22nd, 2010 at 6:56 pm

Hispania HRT F1 looking at a better Monaco after Spanish Grand Prix’s 2 DNFs

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HRT F1 Spain

In the talk about the Red Bulls, the Ferraris, the McLarens and the Mercedes cars, we often forget about the smaller teams who have big plans. 3 years ago people called Vijay Mallya a fool for dreaming up a podium in 2010, not such a big fool now is he ? The big teams are equally arrogant as well, take the Red Bull formula one team for example, they don’t think formula one bloggers need media access and dont even have the courtesy to reply to requests, same is the case with the Virgin F1 team which we don’t even cover due to their attitude.

The Hispania HRT F1 team has the potential to be the next dark horse in the amazingly unpredictable sport of formula one. Under the stable leadership of Collin Kolles the team has the right kind of expertise needed to deliver a competitive car.

The budget is a little shaky and therefore they had to take 2 inexperienced drivers in the form of Brazilian Bruno Senna and Indian Karun Chandhok as both of them seem to have brought sponsors with them.

Anyway, the team was looking forward to another 2 car finish at the Spanish Grand Prix but fate had something else written out for them. Karun lost out on a collision with Alguersuari for which Alguersuari had to face a drive through penalty and Senna just plain crashed on the 4th lap:P

The team now looks forward to a good GP at Monaco, team principal Collin Kolles had this to say :

“I am disappointed that we didn’t finish our home race. It’s a real pity because both drivers had good starts. Bruno Senna had to stop on the opening lap despite a very strong start which moved him up to 17th from 21st on the grid. Karun Chandhok was similarly strong and had a very good pace but retired mid-race after contact with Alguersuari. At least, the performance was much better than in Qualifying yesterday. Now, we look ahead to next weekend and are determined to have a good result in Monaco.”

Karun Chandhok commented:

“I am very disappointed with the outcome of the race. It’s a real shame what happened with Jaime. I stayed out of his way, kept the car completely straight and he just turned left into me. I was really pleased with my race until then. ‎I had a good first lap and was trying to be sensible with the option tyre and get them to last. My pace relative to the other new cars was good and I was pulling away from Di Grassi quite comfortably. In the end, although we changed the front wing, the damage to the front right suspension was too much and I had to stop. It is a disappointing end to a good day for the team.”

Written by Formula One Addict

May 12th, 2010 at 9:03 am

Hispania HRT F1 is hurt by in-experience of drivers : Collin Kolles

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HRT Team’s principal Colin Kolles has admitted that the outfit has been at a disadvantage due to the relative inexperience of their drivers Bruno Senna and Indian ace driver Karun Chandhok. The team has signed the Japanese Sakon Yamamoto to bring a little more experience into their lineup. Yamamoto will be the Friday driver for the Spanish team which had to settle for inexperienced drivers due to budget constraints.

“I am pleased with what Senna and Chandhok have done,” Collin Kolles said.

“But it’s useless to deny that their lack of F1 experience is a disadvantage at this point.”

The team now looks forward to their home grand prix in Spain at Barcelone where they would be unveiling their new challenger. Both the drivers and the team principal Colin Kolles seem confident of taking their team forward at Barcelona and sounded upbeat in pre-race interviews released by the team on their website.

Team Principal Dr Colin Kolles commented:

“We reached our next goal with our two cars making it to the finish again in China on our fourth ever race weekend. We have used the time since China to work on the car and to introduce new parts. We hope to understand the car better and need to improve the performance as well as hit a new target and finish again with both cars.”

Karun Chandhok commented:

“I am looking forward to racing again after the extended break. I really enjoy driving here as the circuit is a real challenge with a complete mix of high speed and slower technical sections. Unlike the other teams we did not have a chance to test the car in the pre-season but we have couple of updates for the car this weekend that should give us a clearer picture for the season ahead. The team is highly motivated for our home race and together we are looking forward to developing the car for the rest of the season. „

Bruno Senna commented:

“I’m looking forward to the Spanish Grand Prix. Barcelona is one of my favorite tracks and I have a good record on it and good memories. I completed my first F1 test here with Honda. And prior to that, every time I raced in Montmelo, I won or I was on the
podium. I am certain that I will enjoy Barcelona again although it is a very physical track with high speed corners where it is hard to find the perfect lap. The newly introduced last chicane is also very technical. So let’s build on our past results.”

Written by Formula One Addict

May 3rd, 2010 at 10:42 am

Sebastien Vettel draws first blood at the Sakhir Circuit

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formula one bahrain grand prix starting line up

The German Red Bull F1 driver Sebastien Vettel edged Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso to grab the first pole of the 2010 season. Seven time formula one world champion Michael Schumacher who is returning to the track after a sabbatical was seventh in the qualifying with his team-mate Nice Rosberg doing better at 5th place. Vettel’s team-mate was 6th.

Felipe Massa Ferrari 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix

Ferrari were the team with most consistent performance in practice and qualifying alike, it seems that this season they might very well be the team to beat, but its still to early to tell.

Newcomer teams like Lotus F1 and HRT F1 (Campos Meta) struggled to make their mark. Some of their times were beyond 2 minutes with Indian rookie Karun Chandhok bringing up the rear for the grid in his HRT F1 car.

Sorry for no qualifying review, but tomorrow, I have an interview with the one of the best schools in India and I wish to get in 🙂

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