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Lewis Hamilton goes into damage control on Jenson Button incident

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Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button also came close to colliding at last week’s Turkish Grand Prix, however their incident was thoroughly overshadowed by the one involving the two Red Bulls of Sebastien Vettel and Mark Webber.

As Red Bull PR went into damage control by releasing what seem like canned and cooked up interviews, the McLaren PR seems to have gone into lets take advantage mode. McLaren PR again came out with quotes in which Lewis Hamilton professes his love for Jenson Button. This could also be damage control for a radio conversation that came out on formula 1’s official website.

The conversation goes something like :

After Lewis Hamilton was asked to conserve fuel

Lewis Hamilton says “Jenson’s closing on me you guys”

and asks his team “If I back off , is Jenson going to pass me or not?”

The voice from McLaren replies “No Lewis, no”.

Its another matter than Jenson Button did overtake Lewis Hamilton, Hamilton later regained the lead.


Read ahead for the quotes :

“Jenson and I both want to win, but not in an aggressive manner. The fighting won’t happen with me and Jenson,”Lewis Hamilton  was quoted

“We got a one-two in Turkey and it was a professional drive from two team-mates. You couldn’t ask for more from a partnership. We are both world champions, we’re both professionals and we both have a huge amount of respect for each other,” he added.

“When I win he is happy for me and vice-versa. Jenson is a great bloke, a very supportive team-mate and he is doing a solid job. It works both ways. I have no doubts that the rest of the season will be the exactly the same,” Lewis Hamilton added

What a mutual admiration society 😀 , I can already predict similar quotes from Jenson Button within the next month.

Written by Formula One Addict

June 7th, 2010 at 10:53 am

Is it revival time ? Michael Schumacher 3rd fastest in practice behind the McLarens

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Update: Michael Schumacher was third fastest in the second practice session also behind the Red Bulls.

In what is good news for formula one and Michael Schumacher fans all around the world, the German seemed to be on pace in the practice session of this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix. We have been following this story all week right from the press stories against Michael Schumacher to the Mercedes GP change of the chassis of Michael Schumacher’s car in order to make the car more suitable for him. But the joy could be shortlived as teams could be testing different experimental combinations before the actual race.

Lewis Hamilton was fastest during the session while Jenson Button was second fastest in the session. Mark Webber for the Red Bull team was fourth ahead of his teammate Sebastien Vettel. Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher’s teammate was sixth in the practice session.

Fernando Alonso was eighth in the session while teammate Felipe Massa was twelfth in the other Ferrari car.

Lewis Hamilton shares good rapport with Jenson Button :) (Apparently)

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If you would be looking at formula one magazines at news sites, there is atleast on article there on the super rapport being shared by Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. Call it the conspiracy theorist in me, but it seems like the same PR which was heavily engaged in making us believe that Lewis Hamilton was a sorry little cute English boy who just loved racing and had zero arrogance (we all know how that turned out).

Ronn Dennis in a recent interview called them the best of friends, telling reporters about how these guys were playing chess against each other somewhere earlier in the season. And then he went on to add neither one of them had played chess before, now isn’t that a little suspicious ? Sounds like a put on act for the media 🙂 .

Rumours that the drivers don’t get along were all the rage before the season started, in news reports which surfaced in January, there was talk that the two drivers had not even talked to each other since the signing of the contracts in November, then how did these seemingly ‘couldn’t care less about the other driver’ guys suddenly turn out to be super pals ?

On being asked whether he got along with Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton replied sarcastically :

No, we are just good actors and that is what we keep telling everybody! No, that was just a joke. We really get along very well, as we knew each other before we got into Formula One. I have known his dad since he was engineering my engines back in 1995. We have a huge amount of respect for one another. Naturally we want to beat each other, and in respect to the car we are on the same professional level

Interesting don’t you think ? Its almost like he said the truth initially 😛

Written by Formula One Addict

April 24th, 2010 at 5:32 pm

Opportunist Press starts to blast Michael Schumacher’s comeback


Michael Schumacher

The opportunist <insert expletive here> that the International media is , it has started to blast Michael Schumacher and his comeback from retirement. Almost all big newspapers and news agencies have had articles criticizing the great German driver who has 7 driving championships to his belt.

Not to forget this is the same media that had hailed Michael Schumacher’s comeback as a super bold move in which Schumacher had kept his legacy on the line. But just four races into the season they have forgotten that he was off the track for so long and is competing with kids half his age who have been racing continuously for the past 5 years in formula one cars.

Its no secret that Michael Schumacher is struggling, he is rusty and his age has probably slowed down his reflexes. But can we overlook the fact that he has only had limited formula one experience till now. If he is here for the whole season, lets give him the whole season to show what he has to offer.

Biggest in its criticism was The Guardian. A British newspaper (no surprise there). The Brits love bashing Germans and French (Indians too 😛 ) . Anyway I read it in an article on , wasn’t able to locate the full article on Guardian’s website, its about when Lewis Hamilton was asked how it felt to race besides his childhood hero Michael Schumacher.

Jenson Button leaned over to Lewis Hamilton and asked Lewis Hamilton to tell the truth  and both of them laughed on it.

“The way things look, it would be no surprise to see him bowing out with as much dignity as he can salvage before the Formula One season is very much older,” The Guardian Continued.

Lets talk about the current world champion Jenson Button, he was handed the title on a platter last year when everyone recommended him to quit formula one. He was definitely one of the slowest drivers on the grid before his team exploited a FIA rule and was able to give him a car faster than all others on the field. and now look at him, snickering like that on a champion like Michael Schumacher.

Jenson Button just lost one fan here ! Oh Wait, I was never his fan 😀

Written by Formula One Addict

April 20th, 2010 at 9:53 am

Jenson Button clocks fastest time at Chinese Grand Prix practice

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Defending formula one champion Jenson Button of the McLaren formula one team clocked the fastest time in the opening practice session for the formula one Chinese Grand Prix. His teammate (Brit again :P) Lewis Hamilton also clocked a super time to be P2 in the practice session.

Nico Rosberg of the Mercedes GP team was third in the practive session while teammate and veteran Michael Schumacher who is looking to redeem himself at the Chinese Grand Prix was fourth. Sebastien Vettel for the Red Bull team was the fifth fastest during the session.

The biggest news of the circuit during the session was Sebastien Buemi’s crash in which both of his wheels seemed to fly off as he braked. The suspension on his car seemed to have broken and in some of the photos one can see extensive damage to tyres done on his car. Buemi thankfully escaped unhurt and was seen gesticulating to his team engineers. Scuderia Torro Rosso later gave a clarifying statement about the crash that read :

“Sebastien Buemi’s incident in FP1 was caused by the failure of the front-right upright “


GP CINA F1_2010

Ferrari was ok in the practice but reliability woes hit them again. Fernando Alonso suffered an engine failure with smoke and fire coming out of the rear of his Ferrari 2010 challenger. At the hairpin of turn 6 Fernando Alonso’s car suffered this breakdown. Ferrari are going through their engines very fast with a limited number of engines allowed in the season and later on might have to deal with extra engine penalties.

Felipe Massa thankfully did not suffer an engine failure and was 10th fastest. Force India continued their good run with Adrian Sutil finishing the session 9th fastest ahead of Felipe Massa’s Ferrari. Force India also had some beautiful photos of the track (and their sponsors in the side profile Open-mouthed ) :


Force India F1 team Chinese Grand Prix

Force India F1 team Chinese Grand Prix 1

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