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Sebastien Vettel wins the 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix , Red Bull 1-2 with Mercedes GP completing the podium

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Nico Rosberg 3rd malaysian grand prix 2010

Apologies for no photo of the winning driver, apparently Red Bull’s media department is not approving our application to use their photos for editorial purposes.

Red Bull really did give Sebastien Vettel and Mark Webber wings with the duo grabbing a 1-2 at the 2010 formula one Malaysian Grand Prix. Nico Rosberg was third for the Mercedes GP formula one team (erstwhile Brawn GP) while his teammate Michael Schumacher was unlucky yet again as a nut came off his car’s wheel and he was forced to retire. Before that Michael Schumacher in a strong start had made up 2 places.

Sebastien Vettel proved that if you are good enough and if you drive good enough, victory will come and luck factor will diminish. After 2 unlucky races, Malaysia proved to be third time lucky.

Lewis Hamilton was another the start performer of the day though, the Briton made his way up from 20th on the grid to sixth place. His teammate Jenson Button was 8th at the finish line.

Meanwhile Spaniard and Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso called the Malaysian Grand Prix the toughest race of his life. He suffered a gearbox problem and apparently no clutch in the race.

“Right from the start things went wrong. On the formation lap, my gearbox broke, and I had no clutch during the race,” Fernando Alonso said.

“So I had to brake in a weird way. I had to first gear down and then push the throttle hard so it would engage the gear for that corner.

“So it was probably the hardest race of my whole life in terms of driving, because I had to improvise for every corner.

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Sebastien Vettel draws first blood at the Sakhir Circuit

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formula one bahrain grand prix starting line up

The German Red Bull F1 driver Sebastien Vettel edged Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso to grab the first pole of the 2010 season. Seven time formula one world champion Michael Schumacher who is returning to the track after a sabbatical was seventh in the qualifying with his team-mate Nice Rosberg doing better at 5th place. Vettel’s team-mate was 6th.

Felipe Massa Ferrari 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix

Ferrari were the team with most consistent performance in practice and qualifying alike, it seems that this season they might very well be the team to beat, but its still to early to tell.

Newcomer teams like Lotus F1 and HRT F1 (Campos Meta) struggled to make their mark. Some of their times were beyond 2 minutes with Indian rookie Karun Chandhok bringing up the rear for the grid in his HRT F1 car.

Sorry for no qualifying review, but tomorrow, I have an interview with the one of the best schools in India and I wish to get in 🙂

Lotus F1 racing unveil the Lotus COSWORTH T127 2010 challenger

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The Lotus formula one team today unveiled its 2010 challenger , draped in yellow and green the ride was unveiled at London’s Royal Horticultural Museum (Though nothing Horticultural about it , except the colour 😛 ) the Lotus F1 team has experienced drivers Jarno Trulli and Heiki Kovalainen driving for them this season and Mike Gascoyne is heading the team as CTO.

Does anyone know the reason for the Outer Green Stripes on the tyres of various teams ? I have seen inner Green grooves, or am I forgetting something from last season.

Are the Green Stripes on the cars’ tyres are for the Make Cars Green initiative ?

Lotus Cosworth T127

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February 12th, 2010 at 8:48 pm

Bernie Ecclestone suggests shortcuts in Formula One

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Someone has been playing his Playstation for too much time. Bernie Ecclestone has suggested that formula one tracks should have short cuts and the drivers should be able to use the shortcuts around 4-5 times in a race.

His exact words were :

“I’ve tried to push the teams with a number of proposals. Imagine a short cut which a driver can use five times every race” Bernie Ecclestone said




Meanwhile, I have suggested an improvement to the Monaco Grand Prix track with a shortcut that skips the most difficult parts on the PS3 game 😛 Never mind we might have to mow down half a dozen hotels in the process.

Monte Carlo Formula one track


Meanwhile, Jarno Trulli might be quitting formula one (joking), he laughed off Ecclestone’s shortcut idea. His exact words were similar to mine :

“This is not a game, this is a sport” Jarno Trulli said

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January 15th, 2010 at 3:35 pm

Toyota to pull out of Formula One , Renault may follow

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Toyota Formula one team

Its raining pullouts after the last round desert race at Abu Dhabi. It seems the 2009 formula one season might very well be the last season of many teams. Toyota was the latest to bite the dust and announce that they would no longer be participating in formula one from next season. The decision comes at a time when people were discussing Toyota’s long term commitment to formula one and praising it.

The FIA has asked Toyota to legally confirm its position on participating in formula one so that it can make arrangements for the 2010 season. Toyota it is believed did not give enough of notice to the FIA.

Bridgestone meanwhile has announced its departure from formula one.

The next casualty might be Renault who havent been able to rescue their team after the controversy regarding Briatore and Symonds. Even Fernando Alonso couldnt rescue the Renault F1 team. In this situation pulling out of the sport might just be the best (and only sane) option available to them.

An official statement from the Toyota team read :

TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announces it plans to withdraw from the FIA Formula One World Championship (F1) at the end of the 2009 season.

TMC, which had viewed its participation in F1 as contributing to the prosperity of automotive culture, remained dedicated to competing at the pinnacle of motor sports, even in the face of the abrupt economic changes that started last year. However, when considering TMC’s motor-sports activities next year and beyond from a comprehensive midterm viewpoint reflecting the current severe economic realities, TMC decided to withdraw from F1.

TMC leaves F1 having compiled 13 podium and 87 point finishes over eight challenging seasons since 2002 with Panasonic Toyota Racing, a full-constructor team. It views its time in F1 — in which teams put forth their best efforts to fiercely compete at racing’s highest level — as an irreplaceable experience that provided an opportunity to develop both human resources and its R&D operations. TMC expresses its deepest appreciation to its F1 fans and others for their warm support.

TMC also wants to express its heartfelt gratitude to all Panasonic Toyota Racing drivers to date and to all Toyota Motorsport GmbH employees who have helped make the team’s achievements possible. TMC intends to do its best to find a solution for those parties who will be affected by any inconvenience this decision may cause.

Drawing on its experience in F1 and other motor sports, TMC intends to move forward in developing exciting production vehicles, such as the Lexus “LFA” supercar and compact rear-wheel-drive sports cars. In motor sports, it will not only race in various categories, but will also actively contribute to further development of motor sports by supporting grassroots races and planning events in which it is easy for people to participate.

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November 5th, 2009 at 9:38 am

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