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Force India F1 team unveil the VJM 03 2010 Challenger

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The Force India formula one team unveiled their 2010 Challenger today named after Vijay Mallya the VJM3. The car is as usual in the colours of the Indian tri-colour. The car has a shark fin and also a sophisticated front wing. Looks like a good amount of aerodynamics went into this car.

The FORCE India team would be participating in the next stage of formula one tests. It would be interesting to see where they lie compared to the other teams.

Force India Formula One Team VJM3

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February 9th, 2010 at 3:35 pm

Brawn GP goes Last to First : Jenson Button claims pole position

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Timo Glock Toyota Rear Wing 2009 Australian Grand Prix

Toyota had their rear wings marked illegal by F1 Stewards due to too much flexibility

Who in their right minds would have bet their money on Brawn GP, a team which until a few weeks ago didnt exist, the erstwhile Honda team whose fate was uncertain after a disastrous season and on Jenson Button who has often been called just another British driver and has been thoroughly overshadowed by McLaren’s own Brit Lewis Hamilton.

Wee this Saturday at Melbourne was not the place to make informed guesses and preditctions, because things didnt go as expected. The McLarens and the Ferraris werent the forces to be reckoned with, but it was the Brawn GP car of Jenson Button which took the pole position. And as if that wasnt enough, forgotten Brazillian driver and Jenson Button’s teammate at Brawn GP Rubens Barrichello was 2nd and will accompany Button in the front row.

Sebastien Vettel was a cool third in his Red Bull Racing car. While Robert Kubica (whom i had considered a favorite) was only 4th fastest. The Ferraris of Felipe Massa and Raikkonen were 7th and 9th respectively. The McLarens were even more pathetic in 15th and 16th place with world champion Lewis Hamilton 16th.

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Force India formula one team delay KERS launch

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The Force India formula one team has delayed the introduction of KERS into their race challengers. The Force India team were planning to use their Engine suppliers McLaren’s KERS system. But as the team was unable to test the KERS system at Jerez they went against using it.

Adrian Sutil was quoted as saying

“We won’t be using it for the first races, so we didn’t test it in Jerez – we just concentrated on the main things,” Adrian Sutil said.

“It’s not a real disadvantage to do the first races without it as we can see some of the other teams have had issues. At least you know what you have and you just run without KERS. There could be some reliability issues if you don’t fully understand it and then run it.”

Adrian Sutil was also happy with the performance of the new VJM-02 car ,

ā€˜Iā€™m quite happy because we could do some good testing in Jerez. At first we had a few problems with the car, but then we sorted it out and could do some good running. It was the first proper time on circuit, so we still need time to understand everything but the overall feeling was very good, definitely.ā€™ the German said

It is interesting to note that Force India’s engine suppliers McLaren are planning to use the KERS system in their cars from the Australian Grand Prix itself.

The KERS system is also known as regenerative braking. Its a positive step towards environmental friendliness also. The Kinetic energy of the cars is stored whenever the brakes are applied. This energy may be stored in Flywheels or electrical circuits with the help of capacitors. This energy can later be reused, so instead of wasting all the Kinetic energy as heat or sound, part of it is stored


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    March 11th, 2009 at 10:14 am

    Force India formula one release the VJM -02 (Photos)

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    Well, the Force India team today released their new 2009 challenger christened the VJM -02. Here are some studio and shakedown shots released by Force India F1 via its media channel. As you can see the car truly represents the Indian tricolor now, saffron, white and green.

    force india studio VJM 02

     force india studio VJM 02 and adrian sutil and fisichella

    VJM 02 shakedown adrian sutil 1

     VJM 02 shakedown adrian sutil

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    March 1st, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    Force India formula one splurges more on glamour

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    force f1 launch 2009

    In the time of recession one would hope that teams cut down on unnecessary expenses and would focus on the game and also on satisfying the millions of fans due to which they are still in business. But who can predict Force India’s actions, they have roped  in yet another actor (politically correct term for actress) to promote their f1 outfit. Deepika Padhukone is set to be the new face of Force India F1.

    While their brand ambassadors keep getting smarter and more expensive every year, how much their performance has improved over the off season remains to be seen. At the launch of their 2009 car also , the guest list included Bollywood actresses, but it remains to be seen whether any fans were invited to the event !

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    February 15th, 2009 at 11:45 am

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