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Formula One jungle heads to Texas for its American return

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Texas american grand prix 2012 formula one

Indianapolis is known as the racing capital of America, so its natural to assume that almost all top-class world famous racing happens there, however 2012 is going to be different. Whether December is the end of the world remains to be seen, however what is sure is that the formula one race in USA is going to be held in Austin, TX.


The race is going to be held in the $400 million Circuit of the Americas, a quick Google search tells me this is the 10th circuit to host the race in the US.

As the 1st practice went off, tweets from the circuit’s account told us a whooping 63500 were in attendance for the practice sessions alone, that does paint a rosy picture as the number should swell up over the weekend and during the race. This would of course get the organizers and promoters happy who are hoping for continues Govt. support for the race.

Governor Rick Perry is a strong supporter of the F1 race :

“The U.S. Grand Prix will bring 1.2 million visitors to central Texas, and is an opportunity to demonstrate to people from around the world everything we have to offer in the Lone Star State as a tourism destination, and as a place to live and work,” Perry was quoted.

“This event is adding to our state’s profile worldwide, and represents a valuable opportunity to tell the Texas story to a whole new group of race fans and decision makers from all around the world.”

Bernie Ecclestone, formula one supremo, was equally excited by the circuit :

Bernie Ecclestone

It looks very much like a permanent circuit and I hope it remains permanent as far as Formula One goes, Ecclestone said.

We have a contract and we would be happy to stay here.

“It’s absolutely first class. All things we wanted to get done have been done.

“We’ve taken the good bits from all the different circuits and tried to put them together. It should make good racing.”

Written by Formula One Addict

November 17th, 2012 at 10:34 am

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