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The Grand Indian Grand Prix 2011 is just a few months away, ticket sales soon !

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The Jaypee International Race Circuit video by JPSI on Youtube

We are a formula one blog based in India and are pretty proud of it. For a long time F1 has been considered a European sport but in recent times it has opened up to its true potential, to be a sport that’s watched, admired and followed all across the globe. A few years ago we had excitedly reported that Formula One is coming to India.

Formula one missed the 2010 date it had set for India, it looks like 2011 is going to be the F1 year of India.

A few days ago a Jaypee sports spokesperson declared that tickets would be on sale from next month with varying classes that would let everyone from students to corporates attend it.

The Indian Grand Prix has hit a lot of roadblocks this time too, the Indian Government rejected customs exemptions for the formula one equipment to be used at tracks saying that F1 is not a sport. Later on Indian GP boss Mark Hughes quit to work for the Abu Dhabi F1 outfit. But the corporate strength behind the F1 event is strong with the Jaypee group and the F1 event is finally on track.

The current grand prix is scheduled to be held on October 30th 2011 at the Noida based track being constructed by Jaypee Sports. The track is designed by Hermann Tilke who is also often criticised for making too technical and boring tracks (long straight followed by hairpin anyone ?)

Anyway, I would also invite some of our international readers to visit India for the Indian Grand Prix and immerse themselves in the culture and the beautiful country that India is.

Throughout the 2011 formula one season , we would be promoting the Indian Grand Prix (not because we are being paid for it , trust us we aren’t), but because this event  truly deserves this attention. So sit back , relax and enjoy the ride that the 2011 formula one season is going to be.

We will be publishing information as we receive it.

Written by Formula One Addict

March 5th, 2011 at 1:43 pm

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