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Fernando Alonso calls European Grand Prix a fixed affair


European Grand Prix 2010

In a sensational accusation Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso has gone onto say that the result of this weekend’s European Grand Prix was fixed. He was ofcourse referring to the Lewis Hamilton incident with the safety car which saw the Brit illegally overtake the safety car to get a better position.

On lap 10 after pitting Hamilton came out from the pits just behind the Safety car which had been deployed after Mark Webber’s accident. Fernando Alonso was right behind. While Alonso respected the rules, Hamilton quickly overtook the safety car. the end result was that despite being a few meters from each other Lewis Hamilton came 2nd and Feranndo Alonso came 9th at the end of the race.

A drive through penalty was given to Lewis Hamilton, but with the super short pit-lane at Valencia it was in consequential to say the least.

Fernando’s outburst seems justified especially at the deliberate rule breakage by Lewis Hamilton, it seems he twisted the rule into his favour being well aware that a drive through penalty wouldnt affect him a lot if he was able to overtake the safety car. Also the penalty came too little too late according to most observers and in the end Hamilton was able to get mileage by breaking the rules and was able to finish in a better position.

‘All the kids in the stands know that you cannot pass the safety car. When the safety car came out I was one metre behind Hamilton. I finished ninth; he finished second. I respected the rule: he didn’t.’

‘I think 20 laps to see the replay is long.’

“But here, when you do the normal thing, which is respecting the rules, you finish ninth, and the one who doesn’t respect them finishes second.”

Lewis Hamilton put up a meek defence :

“As I was coming around turn one, literally as I got to the safety car line I saw the safety car was pretty much alongside me.”

“I thought that I’d passed it so I continued and that was it.”

Meanwhile Ferrari in a statement opined on the incident :

A scandal – that’s the opinion of so many fans and experts involved in the sport, who are all in agreement

Il Presidente Luca Cordero di Montezemolo alla presentazione della Ferrari California ai Dealers presso la logistica GES

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo released the following statement:

“The result of yesterday’s race was misrepresentative. Ferrari, which showed itself to be competitive in the European Grand Prix, paid a price that was too high for respecting the rules. Meanwhile those who didn’t follow the rules were penalised by the race officials in a way that was less severe than the damage suffered by those who did respect them.

That is a very serious and unacceptable event that creates dangerous precedents, throwing a shadow over the credibility of Formula One. We are sure that the FIA will fully analyse what happened, taking the consequent necessary decisions. Ferrari will watch this with interest.”

Written by Formula One Addict

June 29th, 2010 at 5:31 am

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