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Monaco Grand Prix : Held at the sin city of formula one : Steinmetz Diamonds on the McLarens

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Monaco is the ultimate grand prix experience, the glitz, the glamour and ofcourse the horse power punching cars. We do this post every year, whether its posting the Steinmetz diamonds on the McLarens or the Indian Empress Yacht of Vijay Mallya or the Star Wars inspired clothing of Red Bull pit crew. So is it possible to write about all the excesses of the Monaco Grand Prix in 1 big post, probably not, thats why I am going to be using the old formula of 1 excess per post. This post is reserved for the diamonds on McLarens’ F1 cars.

Steinmetz Diamonds on the McLarens  –

This is a tradition isnt it, diamonds shall be encrusted on F1 car steerings and F1 helmets of the McLaren drivers. This year they have encrusted the actual years of the championships which Lewis Hamilton and Jenson button have won. They chose 08 and 09 instead of 2008 and 2009 (smart people ).

I still remember that they had once made an ice formula one car for Kimi Raikkonen to go with his image of the iceman. Unfortunately for the diamond company, neither Lewis Hamilton nor Jenson Button exhibit that kind of charisma.

Here are the diamonds for your pure visual pleasure :

Jenson Button Diamond Helmet

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button Diamond Helmet and Steerings


Its interesting to note, that Hamilton is not using this helmet till now.

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May 15th, 2010 at 12:48 pm

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