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Press still cant forget Monaco 2006 : bug Michael Schumacher over 2006 Monaco GP Qualifying

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Michael Schumacher

In what some British sections of the press would call an interesting press conference, it was the same old witch-hunt from the press at the Monaco Grand Prix that would certainly get McLaren fanboys into a tizzy (and it has with moral lectures all over the internet).

Michael Schumacher was asked questions about the qualifying at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2006 in which it was alleged that he braked and parked his Ferrari to prevent others from setting a faster time and that he did it deliberately. The stewards at that time had found him guilty of the charges and a punishment was given to Schumacher who had to start the race from the back of the grid.

But certain sections of the press needed to rile up the issue again to increase their circulations and F1 websites too to earn more hits and comments 😛 (us too, but we are on Michael Schumacher’s side), Just look at the barrage of questions being thrown at Michael Schumacher during the Monaco press conference :


First Schumacher was asked if he had any regrets about Monaco 2006, he replied :

“I guess it didn’t, but it doesn’t change as well if we got back into it, because we’re now in 2010″

On more prodding, He further said

“I had great fun in the race, I have to say. Coming from last, and going through the field, I think I finished fifth. That was good fun.”

And then when someone pointed out that Saturday was a low point in his career, he said

“You made it – some of you guys,” he said. “I mean, let’s look forward and not backwards.”

Then BBC reporter David Croft jumps in with the final whammy and asked Michael Schumacher if he would do it again and Michael Schumacher responded by calling him boring.


Even if we neglect the third degree over here, the press does seem to be pretty motivated to make an issue out of the non issue again and make him admit his guilt over here by hook or by crook.

We don’t see Ronn Dennis, Lewis Hamilton being grilled with the same ferocity over spy gate or liar gate ? or should we collectively call those as McLaren-gate ? Needless to say, I plan to rile up all the McLaren cheating attempts (there have really been too many) throughout the season.

Even journalists who swore on their lives that McLaren was innocent during the spygate do not see the hypocrisy of their actions in criticizing Schumacher for this incident in 2006. Columns are filled asking Michael Schumacher to ‘own up’ to the incident forgetting that McLaren and Hamilton didn’t own up but were caught and there was enough evidence to be presented in a full fledged trial.

Michael Schumacher is clearly doing the right thing by telling the press to look ahead as its friggin’ 2010 now and not 2006, but journalism is a very dirty business isn’t it. News at any cost is the mantra and hey if it bashes the other side, then its even better. What’s the point in making him admit that he did it, do courts force the accused to admit guilt after being sentenced ? , they don’t because its a waste of time and effort, the punishment is delivered according to the evidence and its time to move on.

Written by Formula One Addict

May 12th, 2010 at 8:24 pm

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