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All eyes on Michael Schumacher’s new chassis as F1 circus heads to España

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With the Mercedes GP team promising a new chassis and improvements to Michael Schumacher’s car this weekend at Spain, all eyes will be on the German ace to see if the promised improvement in his pace is there or not. As our readers will remember , the formula 1 news press and formula one blogs were criticising Schumacher after the Chinese Grand Prix going to the extent of saying that he should go back into retirement. We ofcourse feel otherwise that Schumacher’s return is very good for the sport and Schumacher can only improve from this point onwards. In a candid admission to the Wall Street Journal, Schumacher admitted that he wasnt expecting a super performance from the word go :

“I’m pretty much where I expected to be,” Michael Schumacher said

“I’m not a dreamer that believes I can just cancel out three years, jump in and kick everybody’s a–, that wasn’t my idea. It will take time to feel as confident as I used to be.” Schumacher Added

With cars becoming more important than drivers in formula one, its no surprise to see Schumacher struggling in his car. He has driven in and won in cars which had very little electronics compared to the technological marvels that today’s cars are. Take last year’s example where Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello were able to lead the world championship solely due to their car being fast. Anyone placing their money on Button and/or Barrichello would have surely been considered a loon before Brawn GP happened.

So now with Mercedes GP team vowing to provide a suitable car with a new chassis to Michael Schumacher in order for the German to be comfortable and at-least match his teammate Nico Rosberg if not the rest of the grid, we can say its the acid test for the team as well as Michael Schumacher. If Schumacher isn’t able to improve his performance at Barcelone it will give more ammo to Schumacher critics who have been very vocal in disapproving his performances.

Here is hoping for the best, may Michael Schumacher regain his magical form.

Written by Formula One Addict

May 6th, 2010 at 8:09 am

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