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Mercedes GP to change Michael Schumacher’s car for Spanish Grand Prix

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Ross Brawn Mercedes GP

In an effort to bring Michael Schumacher back to speed and pre retirement performance levels, the Mercedes GP team is set to use a new chassis for Michael Schumacher’s car. The official word is that the car chassis is being replaced as it got damaged during the 1st few races of the season but unofficial (conflicting) word is that its got to do with making the care more suitable for Michael Schumacher.

Apparently the testing chassis is now going to be used for Schumacher to ensure that he is able to give a better performance in his F1 car. However the Internet is full of conflicting reports :S

“It’s not a new chassis per se, it’s a chassis we used in testing”

“The one he had got damaged during the first few races and we repaired it as best we could at the races. But now we are back at base we are going to re-introduce the test chassis and he will be using that in Barcelona.”

Another interview quotes the Brawn GP boss Ross Brawn blaming the narrower front tyres for all the problems Michael Schumacher is having in his formula one comeback.

“New regulations have made the front tyres narrower, which means you need to generate more down-force at the front than before,” Ross Brawn Said

“Michael needs to be able to lean heavily on the front of the car to make his driving style work,” Brawn added.

“We’ve got a modification of the car coming for Barcelona which puts us into a better range for the weight distribution we can achieve,” Brawn further added.

So is the weight distribution of the testing car different from the actual car ? and what is the reason for the conflicting statements ?

Who cares as long as it helps Michael Schumacher get back to pace 🙂 , even Mika Hakkinen has lent support to Michael Schumacher and said that he will be able to win a race in 2010 season.

Written by Formula One Addict

April 27th, 2010 at 1:28 pm

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