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Lewis Hamilton shares good rapport with Jenson Button :) (Apparently)

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If you would be looking at formula one magazines at news sites, there is atleast on article there on the super rapport being shared by Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. Call it the conspiracy theorist in me, but it seems like the same PR which was heavily engaged in making us believe that Lewis Hamilton was a sorry little cute English boy who just loved racing and had zero arrogance (we all know how that turned out).

Ronn Dennis in a recent interview called them the best of friends, telling reporters about how these guys were playing chess against each other somewhere earlier in the season. And then he went on to add neither one of them had played chess before, now isn’t that a little suspicious ? Sounds like a put on act for the media 🙂 .

Rumours that the drivers don’t get along were all the rage before the season started, in news reports which surfaced in January, there was talk that the two drivers had not even talked to each other since the signing of the contracts in November, then how did these seemingly ‘couldn’t care less about the other driver’ guys suddenly turn out to be super pals ?

On being asked whether he got along with Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton replied sarcastically :

No, we are just good actors and that is what we keep telling everybody! No, that was just a joke. We really get along very well, as we knew each other before we got into Formula One. I have known his dad since he was engineering my engines back in 1995. We have a huge amount of respect for one another. Naturally we want to beat each other, and in respect to the car we are on the same professional level

Interesting don’t you think ? Its almost like he said the truth initially 😛

Written by Formula One Addict

April 24th, 2010 at 5:32 pm

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