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Press now quotes random former teammate of Michael Schumacher to further downgrade him

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If you thought my previous report about the press deliberately targeting Michael Schumacher was a figment of my imagination, here is some proof to go along with it. The Independent news paper has come out with a serious of comments by some ‘former teammate’ of Michael Schumacher who prefers to remain anonymous.

It cant only be me who thinks that the timing of these comments and the nature of comments coming from an anonymous teammate are suspicious.  There seems to be a sustained and deliberate attempt to malign Michael Schumacher and to put doubts into his mind as to his return to the sport of formula one. One can imagine how Michael Schumacher would feel after reading all the nonsense being written about him.

The comments first :

“I can tell you, he was always very vulnerable when he lost, whenever I beat him; it was as if he needed a cuddle afterwards.”

“You can see his head has dropped after four races in which Rosberg has been quicker; he just isn’t used to that. He is the kind of guy who even when we were at the Madonna di Campiglia pre-season skiing publicity event with Ferrari in the old days, he had to be the fastest. And if he wasn’t, he would keep demanding another go until he was. That’s how driven he used to be.

“After the beating he got on Sunday, in conditions in which the old Michael Schumacher excelled, I don’t think he’ll ever come back to his old level.”

Now who could this teammate be : Johhny Herbert ? Eddie Irvine ? Rubens Barrichello ?

Clearly including Johhny Herbert in this discussion would be an insult to this discussion, I feel the same about Eddie Irvine, but he seems to be a likely suspect. Eddie Irvine was Schumacher’s teammate from the 1996 season, round about the time I started watching formula one. Wikipedia tells me : In 1996 Schumacher had 59 points and 3 wins, against Irvine’s 11 points and no wins. He retired for 8 races in a row and 10 out of 16 races in total. In 1997, not counting Schumacher’s disqualification from the world championship, the German had 78 points and 5 wins, against Irvine’s 24 points and, again, no wins (6/17 retirements).

The only time the Irishman came even close to winning the championship was in 1999 when my brother had predicted Michael Schumacher would have an accident at the Silverstone grand prix (and he did). Mika Salo replaced him for most of the season and Eddie Irvine finally had little competition from within the team. But he was unable to win again with Michael Schumacher returning for the Japanese Grand Prix and beating the pulp out of him and Mika Hakkinen taking the title by finishing ahead of Irvine.

So the conclusion is that if Eddie Irvine made such comments, its totally understandable. Come to think of it , anyone who was beaten by Irvine would need some cuddling, but very few needed it as the stats clearly show.

I save the discussion on Rubens Barrichello for another day, he could be the ‘masked’ interviewee especially with the closeness Michael sometimes showed for Felipe Massa in his advisory role for Ferrari , Barrichello apparently was treated like a step child by both Ferrari and Michael Schumacher while he was still there and Massa got advice even after Michael retired.

Written by Formula One Addict

April 23rd, 2010 at 7:20 am

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