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Opportunist Press starts to blast Michael Schumacher’s comeback


Michael Schumacher

The opportunist <insert expletive here> that the International media is , it has started to blast Michael Schumacher and his comeback from retirement. Almost all big newspapers and news agencies have had articles criticizing the great German driver who has 7 driving championships to his belt.

Not to forget this is the same media that had hailed Michael Schumacher’s comeback as a super bold move in which Schumacher had kept his legacy on the line. But just four races into the season they have forgotten that he was off the track for so long and is competing with kids half his age who have been racing continuously for the past 5 years in formula one cars.

Its no secret that Michael Schumacher is struggling, he is rusty and his age has probably slowed down his reflexes. But can we overlook the fact that he has only had limited formula one experience till now. If he is here for the whole season, lets give him the whole season to show what he has to offer.

Biggest in its criticism was The Guardian. A British newspaper (no surprise there). The Brits love bashing Germans and French (Indians too 😛 ) . Anyway I read it in an article on , wasn’t able to locate the full article on Guardian’s website, its about when Lewis Hamilton was asked how it felt to race besides his childhood hero Michael Schumacher.

Jenson Button leaned over to Lewis Hamilton and asked Lewis Hamilton to tell the truth  and both of them laughed on it.

“The way things look, it would be no surprise to see him bowing out with as much dignity as he can salvage before the Formula One season is very much older,” The Guardian Continued.

Lets talk about the current world champion Jenson Button, he was handed the title on a platter last year when everyone recommended him to quit formula one. He was definitely one of the slowest drivers on the grid before his team exploited a FIA rule and was able to give him a car faster than all others on the field. and now look at him, snickering like that on a champion like Michael Schumacher.

Jenson Button just lost one fan here ! Oh Wait, I was never his fan 😀

Written by Formula One Addict

April 20th, 2010 at 9:53 am

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