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Michael Schumacher remains optimistic despite lacklustre start

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michael schumacher australia 2010

Michael Schumacher must be feeling like a mere mortal these days, his recent performances at Bahrain and Australia were anything but the legendary stuff he is remembered for. When he decided to return to the track in 2010, it was a super bold move. It was his bet on his legacy. How many people are confident enough to put their legacy on the line. Before this season, Michael had the distinction of being called the best formula one driver by most sources. However all that could change if the 2 recent performances are anything to go by. In both the races Michael has been out-shadowed and out-driven by his teammate Nico Rosberg. A lot of that can be attributed to the fact that Michael Schumacher is out of practice but it still doesn’t change the fact he is being beaten by one of the youngest drivers on the grid.

However he is not the kind of sportsperson to be disheartened by small defeats, he sounded very upbeat on his official website. A partial excerpt of his post is given below :

“I know that might sound awkward but I take a lot of good aspects from the race weekend in Melbourne. Of course that does not show at first sight but looking into our weekend more deeply, I find we did improve quite well and have a good reason to be quite satisfied – just not from the pure result obviously.

But analyzing Qualifying I think both Nico and me could have been ranked 2 to 3 positions better. I had a too conservative set up in the end which was too much concentrated towards the race, plus I had a tear-off strip stuck in my front wing which too cost me some time. And going into the race from those better positions would have meant fighting for the podium.”

Lets hope his optimism is rewarded Smile

Written by Formula One Addict

March 29th, 2010 at 3:22 pm

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