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Eddie Jordan backs Lewis Hamilton for the 2010 formula one title

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Former formula one team owner Eddie Jordan seems to have picked Lewis Hamilton as his favourite driver for the 2010 formula one season. The prediction is important because last year’s formula one champion Jenson Button will be driving the same car as Lewis Hamilton disregarding the fact that McLaren has had Lewis Hamilton with them for a long long time and in the past there have been some pretty strong accusations of favouritism within the team.

Eddie Jordan

“I can’t get my head away from Lewis Hamilton,” said Eddie Jordan.

“He’s sharp. He’s got talent and the return to the sport of Michael Schumacher will only add to that aggression for him to succeed.

“It is perfect for him. My money wouldn’t be anywhere but on Hamilton.”

But more interestingly Eddie Jordan seemed to be hinting that the testing times at Valencia didnt matter where Felipe Massa proved to be the fastest. Eddie insisted that the McLaren team would eventually come through. One may remember that he had called Hamilton’s chances slim in the 2007 season when Hamilton was new to the grid. The fact that he is praising Lewis Hamilton now does seem to be a pretty strong backing for formula one’s young Brit sensation.

“If anybody understands about trying to fool the bookies into a false sense of security, then this is what’s happening.

“I wouldn’t put any credence at all on what’s going on at the moment. What matters is what happens in Bahrain on that first Sunday.

“We saw how bad McLaren were in the first half of last season. I went on record saying it was the worst car ever and they still came back.

“I think the momentum is with McLaren and Hamilton is a class act.”

Written by Formula One Addict

February 5th, 2010 at 6:06 pm

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