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Jenson Button insecure as Lewis Hamilton opens his mouth again


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So these are essentially 2 news items combined into one for your liking plus you will see why we did that. The 1st item is about Jenson Button and his insecurity with Lewis Hamilton due to his long association with the McLaren team. Lewis Hamilton has been associated with the McLaren team since he was a kid (only 12). Jenson Button moves from Brawn GP and is the reigning champion for those of you who werent on this planet last year.

According to The Sun, Lewis Hamilton asked the McLaren bosses : “Is this Lewis’ team?” , he apparently got the reply : “No, it is Lewis’s team and your team.”

Lets hope they keep that promise, we all know what happened when Ronn Dennis claimed the same for Fernando Alonso 😛

Speaking of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, Lewis opened his big mouth again, McLaren had PR people working hard to project Lewis as a nice and likeable young boy, but time and time again he opens his mouth and reveals the arrogant prick he is. Apparently he said “I blew him away” when asked about his season with Fernando Alonso.

Meanwhile Alonso like replied to the comment by saying :

“If I have to answer to all that he says I would use up too much time,”

“McLaren, though, are a good team and when I went there it was a nice moment for me,” Fernando Alonso said

In other news, McLaren will reveal their new challenger on the 29th of January 2010.

Written by Formula One Addict

January 16th, 2010 at 3:10 pm

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