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Michael Schumacher prepares for Formula One via GP2 tests

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It seems that Michael Schumacher is all set to enter the cockpit of a formula one car again and to ensure that his comeback isnt an anti-climax he has already started testing GP2 cars. The purpose of these tests is 2 fold says Schumacher, one is to clock as many kilometres as possible under his belt and the second one being that he should get to know the engineers better and vice versa.

The second point is pretty interesting, years and years of working with Ferrari would be having an effect on Michael Schumacher. He is accustomed to Ferrari engineers and the sudden shift to Brawn GP engineers will be tuff for both him and the team. Also in the video he tries to convince that the team and him are quite comfortable with each other after a few days of testing with Brawn GP. But it remains to be seen how much comfort has been created and how much isn’t.

Also, the engineers are supposedly thrilled to be working with Michael Schumacher, now like that’s a surprise 😛

Written by Formula One Addict

January 13th, 2010 at 9:45 pm

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