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David Coulthard lights Mumbai’s roads on fire !

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It was a spectacle any formula one fan would have died to see. David Coulthard scorched across the newly constructed architectural marvel that is the Bandra Worli sea link in a Red Bull formula one car in 3 minutes flat. Normally a car would take around 70 minutes according to the prescribed speed limit. Take a look at the video below, our International readers will also enjoy the beautiful city that is Mumbai (earlier known as Bombay). Also have a look at all the dry ice cooling the brakes.

October 11, 2009 will always be remembered as the day Mumbai had its first tryst with F1. The spirit of this dynamic city was celebrated on the marvellous Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link as Red Bull Racing Pilot David Coulthard zoomed down the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link in his Red Bull Racing F1 car.

The Sunday afternoon heat did not deter the enthusiasm & passion of the Mumbaikars as they made their way to Bandra Reclamation to view this historic event. The energy was high, something you would experience before the start of any Formula 1 race. Dressed in the trademark Red Bull Racing Pilot Jumpsuit, David Coulthard walked out to his magnificent Red Bull Racing F1 car to do what he came to Mumbai for – give Mumbai its first taste of F1 by driving down the Sea Link. Special Chief Guest for the event, Commissioner of Mumbai Police, D. Sivanandan wished David the very best for the event and flagged off the Red Bull Racing F1 Car.

The unmistakable smell of rubber filled the air as the speed machine screeched leaving its wake on the Sea Link, its first set of virgin tyre marks. The next few moments left Mumbai truly mesmerized, as they watched in awe as a blur of blue, yellow & red swiftly yet gracefully flowed on the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link.

To add to the Formula 1 rush, David skillfully performed some ‘killer – every young racers fantasy’ 360 degree wheel spins on the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, a thrill that people have never gotten to experience before. David also blasted down his car into full view of the fans at the Bandra – Reclamation and entertained them with some trademark wheel spins & moves, displaying his enviable skills as a driver & the awesome power of the car. You could almost hear the people egging for more as David headed back to the paddock.

Much to the delight of the people, David returned sans F1 car waving to the crowd, thanking Mumbai for their presence and to show his appreciation for their support.

Commenting on his first experience with F1 in India, David ­said, “This afternoon has been simply amazing. To be part of Red Bull Racing Team and Mumbai’s first ever F1 showcase event ever has made this an incredible memory to cherish. When I look back on this I can take pride in the fact that I was part of the first Formula 1 team to experience the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link in a Formula 1 car. Mumbai is such a vibrant city and its simply captivated me despite my short stay. I couldn’t have thought of a better city & place to do this event. Thanks to Mumbai and its people!” 

PV_INDIA _F1_0006 DG_INDIA_F1_4009 DG_INDIA_F1_4015 DG_INDIA_F1_4019 DG_INDIA_F1_4030 DG_INDIA_F1_4035 Formula 1 Sea Link with david Coulthard PV_INDIA _F1_0005

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October 16th, 2009 at 8:38 am

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