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Lets go to Brazil for the formula one driver championship finale !

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First a video from the McLaren team and Vodafone :

Dusk Til Dawn – The race is on to get Lewis and Heikki’s cars to the Italian Grand Prix in Monza -at a maximum speed of just 56 mph – aboard the team’s Mercedes Transporter, driven by Hugh and Roy.

I was reading Ed Gorman’s blog where he was mentioning the same thing about the finale at Brazil, how last year Lewis Hamilton sealed his championship at the formula one Brazilian Grand Prix. this year may not be much different, Jenson Button should look to seal the deal at Brazil and not Abu Dhabi.

Rubens and Vettel wont make it easy though, they can smell the blood and would surely want to dent Jenson Button’s maiden title hopes. But the bigger question is even if he wins the title, people will remember it as the season where complicated ever changing rules decided the championship and not the cars or the drivers. Brawn GP were no where on the scene before the start of the season, so much so that Honda had dropped it as a loss making division 😛 , and for those who might have blinked twice during the start of the 2009 formula one season would have found themselves really confused as to who these Brawn GP people are and why are they dominating.

Coming back to the point then, Jenson Button is pretty comfortable with his 85 points, Barrichello lags at 71 and Vettel is further behind at 69. So unless Button messes up big time, he should see the title in his hands.

Onto other news then, Felipe Massa is back testing in Italy , however Ferrari have ruled out that he will drive in a race again in 2009, but its good news nonetheless.

Anyway, back to studying for me, enjoy the great sport that F1 is 😀

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October 14th, 2009 at 5:19 am

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