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Fisichella dumps Force India for the Italian connection

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Giancarlo Fisichella Ferrari formula one

Its official now, Giancarlo Fisichella has dumped the Force India formula one team for a shot with the Ferrari formula one team. He will replace Luca Badoer who was filling in for the injured Felipe Massa. His recent podium finish for Force India (their 1st) and Luca Badoer’s pathetic performances acted as catalyst to the switch. The announcement of the switch wasn’t really a surprise, rumours in the paddocks were alive about the switch for around 1.5 weeks now with Vijay Mallya doing every bit to reject them until now.

Its often said that the dream of every formula one driver is to drive for the Ferrari formula one team, but its even more true for Italians, who probably dream of driving for the Ferrari formula one team even if they aren’t formula one drivers.

The move ofcourse is a big loss for the Force India formula one team and there are rumours that Ferrari did waive off the money Force India owed to them. Vijay Mallya insisted that there were no financial transactions which secured Fisichella’s release from contract.

Meanwhile Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo praised Fisichella in a press release on the Ferrari Media website. He hinted that Fisichella would be the third driver when  He was quoted as saying :

“I chose Fisichella for several reasons, starting with the fact he deserves it, that he’s on great form and that he is an expert driver. On top of that, we all wanted to have an Italian driver in our car for Monza and lastly, because it takes the long term view, as he will be our third driver.”

“It is an important moment, coming off the back of a great win with Kimi Raikkonen,” added the Ferrari President. “We also have the good and important news that Felipe Massa is recovering well and will be more than ready for the first race of next season.

“I wish to thank Luca Badoer who, once again has been so amenable towards Ferrari. Therefore, I look forward to Monza with confidence and especially with great pleasure at having Fisichella in the team.”

“the good news that Felipe will race again, that he is recovering and that he will be very ready to race next season is a further plus, after what was a terrible August for us, what with his accident, all the uncertainties and, unfortunately, Michael Schumacher’s fitness difficulties, when we would have liked to see him in our car. However, bit by bit, we are putting everything right again. Victory is the best medicine.”

Written by Formula One Addict

September 5th, 2009 at 11:14 am

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