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Indian government : Formula 1 is not a sport, its entertainment

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The Indian government has let down the lakhs of Indian formula one fans by deciding against providing the formula one event in India sports status. Its interesting to note that the party who was earlier involved in bringing formula one to India was in fact the Indian Olympics Association which is a government body and is run more or less by politicians of the ruling party. Maybe its due to the involvement of rival Mayawati’s government in the project that the Indian Govt. has backed out. But in all the politics , its the Indian fan that misses out.

The JPSK group as it seems had applied for certain concessions with respect to Forex transfers and import export thingies for the Formula One event (Indian Grand Prix) slated to be held in India in 2011. The Government refused to provide these concessions and also refused to recognise Formula One as a sport and instead called it entertainment.

However Indian formula one fans neednt worry just yet, it seems that JPSK , the body behind the construction of the track is still 100% behind the project backed by its parent company. Its well known that India has been on Bernie Ecclestone shopping list for a long time and with more and more Indian companies sponsoring F1 teams even in times of recession, India becomes all the more important.

Lets hope these politicians and their dirty politics don’t spoil the party for genuine formula one fans.

Written by Formula One Addict

August 26th, 2009 at 3:58 pm

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