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F1 heads to Monaco as fear over future looms

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Formula One’s survival is on the line. On one side are some of its biggest teams which bring millions to formula one and on the other side is Max Mosely who seems to be hell bent on implementing the proposed rule changes for the 2010 formula one season which introduce budgetary caps and a two tier teams system.

So now heading into Monaco which is one of the swankiest formula one grand prix, one wonders what next year would be like ? Would there be no Ferrari and Renault ? Its reported that 7 teams wont be filing by next week’s deadline.

So getting back to the GP, Brawn GP’s Jenson Button is on home turf (technically anyway). He would be poised to claim another win and win the season in record time. Lewis Hamilton is also hopeful of resurgence and is hoping that his McLaren would be able to perform. In an interview he was hopeful for a top 5 finish at this week’s event.

In other news Campos racing has applied for the constructor’s places in the 2010 formula one season. They are one of the first (the first?) teams to do so.

Anyway, this weekend is crucial for the survival and future of formula one. The gut feeling inside me says all will be solved though. Till then, Ciao !

Written by Formula One Addict

May 22nd, 2009 at 1:39 pm

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