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McLaren gets suspended 3 race ban in liar-gate scandal

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McLaren’s ploy to plead guilty to all charges worked it seems at the WMSC hearing. It seems that the WMSC was impressed by Martin Whitmarsh’s sincere plea to the council and it was also moved by the strict action taken my McLaren with regards to removing the culprits.

As expected the Brit press is jubilant, comparing the incident to Michael Schumacher blocking the qualifying grid in an earlier season. A stupid comparison, as there was no proven effort to mislead the stewards there nor was there an effort to mislead the stewards into giving another team a penalty. Anyway, say anything to McLaren and Brit darling Lewis Hamilton and you can expect the wrath of the British media.

The decision itself is significant as there was talk about Lewis Hamilton probably leaving McLaren if they were banned for the season or something like that. What i don’t get is the following, is Lewis Hamilton a kid who can be misguided by people just like that. He obviously saw an opportunity to get more points and demote another competitor and pounced onto it. David Ryan may very well be a scapegoat, how can he force Lewis Hamilton to lie to the stewards. If tomorrow, Hamilton commits perjury, can you blame his legal team or his lawyers ? , absolutely absurd to consider that Hamilton was misled. He knew he was lying and that’s that.

McLaren has this internal crisis management thing all figured out, even in the Stepneygate scandal, they had initially lied about a lot of stuff including the level of the leakage of info. It was only when emails with proof came out that Ronn Dennis admitted to the gravity of the situation. Otherwise there too McLaren had gotten away scot-free.

Bravo Ronn Dennis : Its McLaren – 1 , Fair Play – 0

For the benefit of the readers : The penalty to McLaren will only be applied if its seen that McLaren has breached more F1 rules or new evidence comes to light in this particular scandal.

Written by Formula One Addict

May 1st, 2009 at 5:57 am

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