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2009 Formula One Rule Changes (Compiled and Commented)


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Hi, been really busy again with studies and all, college starts again. So today i just wanted to update myself on the formula one rule changes that shall be effective 2009. Most regulations are cost cutting and aim to make the sport of formula one a little slower and less interesting (Except KERS).

McLaren 2009 rules car with new wings

Most of the new features may be observed on the car above 🙂

1. Slick Tyres : The 2009 season will see the normal grooved tyres being replaced by slick tyres. The slicks would offer better grip (20% according to F1’s official website) and this gain would be neutralised by the fact that aerodynamic regulations have also changed which will result in vastly reduced downforce.

2. New Engine Regulations : The number of revolutions in formula one engines is set to be reduced from 19000 rpm to 18000 rpm which should help preserve the engine. Also the number of races an engine must last is now 3 instead of the earlier 2. Also the Renault team has been allowed to upgrade their engine for the 2009 season so that their power output is able to match upto the other teams.

3. Testing Schedule : No testing will be allowed during the season.

4. Aerodynamics – These are the changes most drivers and teams have opposed. The size of both the rear wings and the front wings has changed.

Front Wing : –

Height : (75mm from 150mm)

Width : (up from 1400 to 1800mm)

Rear Wing : –

Width : (750mm from 1000mm)

Height has been increased by 150 mm.

The back diffuser has been made longer, higher and moved further backwards.

5. KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) – Also known as regenerative braking (I think), this is an optional component in cars. It stores the energy wasted via braking (Kinetic Energy wasted) either as potential energy, or electrical energy in a battery. This energy is then available to the driver via a boost or a turbo button and can be used for seven seconds on a lap.

Thats all at the moment, whats posted above is my understanding of the rule changes. Please correct me if i am wrong.

Photo : Vtornet , CC SA 2.0 License

Written by Formula One Addict

January 12th, 2009 at 11:03 am

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