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2000 Spa Francorchamps : Mika Hakkinen overtakes Michael Schumacher


Was doing my usual youtube f1 watching when i came across this. I must admit i dont distinctly remember this incident, but supposedly its one of the “best” overtaking manoeuvres ever in formula one. I guess the white car caught in the middle is Ricardo Zonta.

Mika Hakkinen doesn’t let Michael Schumacher place the back-marker in the middle , instead takes the inside like and overtakes Michael Schumacher.

If you see the Hakkinen view in the video, it shows that Mika was pretty lucky that Zonta decided to give him way too. Infact Michael had to move off the racing line while Mika was able to continue.  When Zonta saw Michael and Mika, he should have moved off the racing line and not played a role on the outcome of the battle, instead he did factor a lot in the battle.

Fail to see how its the “awesomest” overtaking move ever in formula one.

P.S. Spelling mistakes in the video ! Its Michael Schumacher not Micheal Schumacher

Written by Formula One Addict

December 18th, 2008 at 1:05 pm

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