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Medals instead of points? F1 set to go bonkers !

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Well i am back with a bang, just finished with my written exam, only 2 pracs left. Anyway, Bernie Ecclestone has come up with the weirdest F1 idea i have heard in a long time. He has suggested Olympics inspired medals instead of the usual championship points structure. In fact he has insisted that this would be in place by 2009 Melbourne grand prix. All those who used to make lots of useless facts about championship points will be disappointed.

If the new system is introduced, the driver with the most wins shall win the F1 driver’s championship. Drivers will be given gold, silver and bronze medals. The idea does sound bonkers, but he does have a point. With wins deciding the champion, there will be no point in driving conservatively, so everyone will try and go for the win. Bernie had said :

“All the teams are happy.

“The reason this happens is that I get fed up with people talking about no overtaking.

“It’s just not on that someone can win the world championship without trying to win the race.”

The current point system had come into place to cut off Ferrari’s dominant season in which Michael Schumacher had annihilated the competition. Eddie Jordan however was displeased with the news :

“The points are necessary,” Eddie Jordan said. 

“I was one of the first team principals who advocated the points should go down to eighth place because one point is as important to those teams as a win is to McLaren and Ferrari.”

“He is tinkering with something on which he has lost the understanding.

“He thinks that only winning matters.

“When Hamilton lost the race in Spa and it was given to Felipe Massa, can you believe the controversy that would have created had this been the system?

“There has not been enough thought put into this and for him to say that it comes with the full approval of all the teams , I am sorry, I just don’t believe it.”

Written by Formula One Addict

November 28th, 2008 at 6:39 pm

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