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Title Showdown : Felipe Massa vs Lewis Hamilton


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The season seems to be ending on a high, the last race shall determine the winner of the driver’s championship. The 2 contenders for the driver’s championship are :

1. Felipe Massa – Brazil – Ferrari – 87 points

2. Lewis Hamilton – Great Britain – McLaren Mercedes – 94 points

Lewis Hamilton is seen to be in the driver’s seat (literally), but in the sport of formula one there is always the scope for upsets. The outcome shall be decided at the next month’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

While Lewis Hamilton has the pace of McLaren on his side, Felipe Massa has the skill and determination of Ferrari at his side. He will be hoping that Ferrari dont falter again and are able to run a clean and reliable race unlike their recent (in)famous ones.

Felipe Massa will also be hoping that Lewis Hamilton will be distracted by his many new year plans. there are rumours of him spending time with girls ranging from popstars to actresses.

And whatever happened to the reigning world champion you will ask ? , Kimi Raikkonen is no longer in the reckoning, he had a few strong races but most of his season has been timid in contrast.

Fernando Alonso had accused McLaren of crass competition but finds himself not even close to a title. But he has hypocritically vowed to support Felipe Massa’s title campaign. I would love to see if he backs up his tyro(ish) remarks with any action ?

Written by Formula One Addict

October 24th, 2008 at 2:16 pm

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