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Force India F1 launches online merchandise, forgets common fans



Well i was waiting for when Force India formula one would launch its online shop, wearing its colours would have been super cool. However the Vijay Mallya owned outfit has probably forgotten the common fan. It seems the merchandise is only for the elite few much like Mr. Mallya himself who routinely invites actors to his Force India pits but not fans.

The shop is being maintained by a Netherlands based company who has kept such exhortative rates that i cant even think of buying stuff from there, let alone buy it. I will not link to the shop from here as it basically makes a mockery of the team’s name and the common fan’s emotions.

The default pricing is in Euros, but you can see INR prices too, hotdog ! Anyway here are some sample prices :

  1. A cap costs Rs. 1895.57 , caps usually cost Rs.50-80 in India.
  2. A polo pique costs 3797 rupees , they usually cost Rs.500
  3. T-Shirts start from 2500 rupees, they cost 500 in India.

Add to all of this shipping of 15 euros 950 rupees approx., and what you have is unhappy fans. Most will now prefer to buy counterfeit shirts and merchandise 😉 .

I personally asked a few people about the prices, and they laughed their heads off, one of them said even EPL jerseys arent so expensive (dunno if its true).

New F1 Merchandise

Image:Copyright Force India media images

Written by Formula One Addict

June 9th, 2008 at 10:34 am

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