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Kimi Raikkonen denies Adrian Sutil a points finish

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What do you do when you are unable to overtake Force India F1 in a Ferrari, well ofcourse hit it so hard that the other person is forced to retire. This is what seems to have happened at the Monaco Grand Prix. While many argue that what happened was an accident, and indeed even if it was it doesnt change the fact that it was an accident caused due to a driver error by Kimi Raikkonen and kicked out Force India formula one team and Adrian Sutil from a potential point winning position.

Kimi Raikkonen later did apologise though,

I said I am sorry for him and his team because probably they are not going to be often in the position to score a fourth position. Plus it was in Monaco.

“So it was harder for him than for me, but it was a racing incident and I could not go anywhere. There wasn’t much space and I could not slow down.

“It was just a racing incident. I just locked the rear brakes on the bump and you cannot really slow the car after that. There was nowhere to go, and not enough space to try and avoid him.

“Basically I just think my brakes were a bit too cold and I locked the rear. I nearly lost the car but unfortunately I hit him, and it is sad for them.

“So, I feel sorry for him, but I could not do anything. I tried to slow down but there was nowhere to go and nowhere to slow down, and I lost fifth place.”

Adrian Sutil took positives out of the race:

I am just disappointed. It is hurting so much. We did a great race and we made no mistakes. We did a perfect strategy, everything went well. We did fastest laptimes during the race, and the performance was great for this car. For Force India this was an absolute highlight over the past few years.


Written by Formula One Addict

May 29th, 2008 at 6:50 am

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