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Scoop: Michael Schumacher buys Force India, renames it after Ralf


Michael Schumacher bought Force India formula one team today, he bought it for 300 million dollars in a deal that is expected to be approved by shareholders pretty soon. The move might seems unprecedented to most, but insiders knew all about it. Late night visits by Michael Schumacher to Kingfisher bars were making everyone suspicious. It seems Vijay Mallya’s and Michael’s visits to each other was to discuss this sale.

It also looks like Michael will be renaming Force India as Forza Ralf in his brother’s honour and will be offering Adrain Sutil’s seat to his brother. Also countering Shahrukh Khan’s promotions, he has hired Football star Oliver Kahn to promote the team in Germany. Michael was quoted as saying that Oliver has a mass appeal in Germany and would be a much better brand ambassador than Shahrukh Khan. Meanwhile the Ferrari F1 team refused comment on whether it would be firing Schumi from his job at Ferrari as the team will prove to be a conflict of interest. The Ferrari team already supply engines to Forza Ralf.

And while you have been reading all of this, I have been laughing hard, because you forgot to read the date of the post.

Written by Formula One Addict

April 1st, 2008 at 1:01 pm

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