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Lewis Hamilton confident about 2008 season


Again apologies to our readers, engineering exams are a tough nut to deal with and hence posting frequency is pretty less these days. Anyway Lewis Hamilton has no exams so he has been interviewing pretty often these days, so when he is not poking fun at Alonso’s expense he discusses the challenges that the 2008 season may pose. The young Briton in an interview said that this season was likely to be easier than the 1st one no matter what people say.

“Perhaps there is more pressure but I feel there is less,” Lewis Hamilton said

“Last year I had so much to prove to people. There was the media asking ‘can he do it or not?’ I’m sure even people in the team were wondering.

“I was quick in testing but racing is a different thing. People wait for you to fail.

“I think this year is slightly easier. People know how well I can drive. I’m not going into an unknown world.

“I don’t have any doubts that I will do a job this year but that means something different now. It means I want to win the world championship.”

I really like his quote ‘People wait for you to fail’, thats so true for everything one does in life. He might be bad at being diplomatic and sensible most of the time, but this line really made me ponder. So a sincere thanks to Mr. Hamilton 🙂

Written by Formula One Addict

March 5th, 2008 at 6:15 pm

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