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Spice Energy says Super Aguri deal only if Narain in it


Another Indian formula one team ? , it might not be true after all. Nick Fry had claimed that having Narain onboard would not be so great for the Super Aguri team. Nick Fry who i respected a lot earlier arrogantly claimed that Narain will not be a good standard to work with.

“I would not personally be convinced that Karthikeyan would be of an acceptable standard for us” Nick Fry was quoted.

Meanwhile Spice Energy who is in talks to buyout the team has rebutted Fry’s claims and made it clear the only reason it wants to invest in a formula one team is to give Indian formula one drivers a chance at formula one and who better they say than Narain Karthikeyan who had impressed many with his gutsy driving in the Jordans. Anyway i am not so sure if its a good idea to support an Indian driver by buying a team, but i also disagree with Fry’s baseless comments. Narain has a lot of formula one experience in him especially testing which would make his feedback pretty good. Also Fry should be looking to give some Honda race experience to the Super Aguri drivers as they are ‘pretty good’ in his opinion. Oh wait, i forgot, they kicked Honda butts in Super Aguris, i guess thats the reason Fry thinks they are so good (maybe a nice look at the two cars would do the trick for him and tell him that Honda’s cars are pretty bad and that its not the Aguri drivers who are topshot).

Statement by Spice Energy :

“To begin with, the discussions are at a very preliminary stage.

Right now they are centred on commercial feasibility. But our main mission is to support Indian drivers and give Narain the opportunity to drive in F1 again,”

“So you can say the deal is contingent on this condition,” Spokesperson for Spice Energy Neha Rastogi said

With truckloads of money in the bank and a super booming economy, Indian companies will be more than willing to support any Indian F1 prospects and having an Indian Driver will obviously make more commercial sense too. If Spice Energy buys Super Aguri it would pay about 66 million USD plus a dollar (token amount). The 66 million will be used to write off the huge debt that the Super Aguri team is already in.

Written by Formula One Addict

February 2nd, 2008 at 5:14 pm

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