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Formula One : More exciting than a Soap Opera

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Some random 2007 Season Review Bytes ::

My original headline was more exciting than a saas-bahu saga (Indian term for Soap Operas focussing on Mother-in-laws and Daughter-in-laws). Michael Schumacher’s retirement was kind of overshadowed by the conspiracies, counter-conspiracies and other exciting stuff happening, mostly off track though. All the teams had their roles, the role of the villain was played by McLaren, Ferrari played the seemingly innocent protagonist who dictated their story to the FIA who acted as the judge in the whole scenario.

Max Mosely severely dented his reputation with seemingly biased comments in favour of Ferrari in the early stages of the trial. But later on he was proven right after McLaren’s admission that Ferrari data was used in their cars to an extent previously unknown (yeah sure, previously unknown đŸ˜› ).

Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard

The biggest loser was McLaren F1 in all of this, PR disaster after PR disaster. Very few non-British F1 fans respect McLaren formula one team now especially Ron Dennis as a Team Principal. McLaren shareholders must be feeling the heat at this point of time and the sponsors must be rethinking their strategies. Probably what McLaren did has been happening for a long time in formula one, but their reputation was not hampered by cheating alone, more so by their see-saw statements. Initially McLaren distanced itself from the controversy, fuelling fan emotions into believing that McLaren F1 was being targeted by the FIA,Italian Press and Ferrari and was probably being victimised. Forums were filled with strong emotions, blogs overflowed with pro and anti McLaren comments,McLaren fans were on a mission, to prove their team’s innocence on the web. Most McLaren conversations had hardcore McLaren fans defending their team. However the McLaren team let down their loyal fans when it was revealed that McLaren was actually lying or totally unaware of the level of leakage of Ferrari data. I wonder why they aren’t being tried for Perjury.

Meanwhile Ferrari F1 emerged victorious in all of this confusion, they won the F1 team championship with McLaren’s suspension. They won the driver’s championship too. So it was a wonderful period for them. Nigel Stepney being the only black spot in the year. They got neutral sympathy too as they were perceived to be the victims of the F1 spy saga as the verdict came out.

Thats as much as i can write at this point !

Also i share this pic, which i had photoshopped :

Ferrari Espionage Nigel Stepney

It was received well by the public đŸ˜‰

Written by Formula One Addict

December 26th, 2007 at 8:03 am

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