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Nico Rosberg set to be at Williams F1 till 2009

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McLaren and Lewis Hamilton’s hopes have been dashed. Lewis Hamilton had hinted that McLaren may try to snatch Nico Rosberg from Williams F1. At that time Williams had told them to ‘lay off’ (or something similar which i dont remember)

Anyway, the bottomline is that Nico Rosberg shall stay at Williams with much more attractive terms obviously. Interest shown by other teams must have translated into a pay rise for the young driver who is the son of Keke.

“Williams have made me an attractive, far better offer with a new contract up to 2009 and I decided to accept it,” he told German newspaper Bild.

“For Williams the question of letting me go (to McLaren) never arose.”

“I could imagine myself going to a McLaren car just like I could see myself at Ferrari in 2008. Every young driver wants a car that can bring you the title. I’m no different. I race for success. But I feel I have to be patient, like most people.

“There are only a few exceptions like Lewis Hamilton who can have immediate success. Mika Hakkinen had to wait six years for a first win.”

Written by Formula One Addict

December 10th, 2007 at 7:33 am

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