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McLaren Formula One :: The team that lies !

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The Renault team have escaped all punishment in the McLaren-Renault spy saga.
Meanwhile Martin Whitmarsh claimed that they weren’t pushing for a penalty on Renault, maybe just like they weren’t looking for the world title for Lewis when they had appealed in the Fuel Temperature controversy. It may be recalled that later in the hearings McLaren lawyers had asked the judges to reclassify the result and declare Lewis Hamilton the champion in stark contrast to what their CEO had claimed.

Similarly McLaren had leaked incorrect information in the case to the press earlier in the case to make Renault look bad. Several details were fudged and incorrect. The FIA later asked McLaren to correct this information.
Also during the Ferrari spy-saga they had lied about the extent of the leak and its use. If it weren’t for Fernando Alonso, we would still be getting hatemail from McLaren fans saying that McLaren was innocent.

They claimed that Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso had no problems, also they said that Ron Dennis and Fernando Alonso get along. We all know where that went, dont we 😉

This mismatch of what they do and what they say has made McLaren the team no one wants to trust. Diehard fans remain though , but those who were neutral towards the team will always think twice about trusting McLaren, the season of 2007 has been their worst season in terms of controversies, lies, deception and cheating. While our British readers might hate this post, but try looking at it from a neutral POV. I mean how can you lie publicly like that and get away with it. Their recent actions remind one of Politicians, changing colour as the situation demands.
The fallout of this is expected to be pulling out of many sponsors and general hatred from the average F1 fan. In stark contrast the Renault formula one team (i dont like them) has been much more mature in handling of their affairs. They infact admitted to the charges levelled and didnt try to hide things. This is what led to them not facing punishment among other things.

So what do you think ?

Written by Formula One Addict

December 7th, 2007 at 12:28 pm

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